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Sling/carrier choices

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Theochris Tue 27-Jan-09 13:50:06

Hi, I'm expecting my second baby in 3 weeks and my first is 2.5.

I would like to buy a sling for the newborn that I can wear in this weather for going out mostly (walking to park and shops etc..) but around the house if he proves difficult to settle and I need to do things with my toddler. I have a single buggy and I won't be buying a double (my DD is a good walker, but sometimes gets tired and will need it at the beginning).

With my first I had a baby bjorn which was Ok but not brill and then we moved onto a Pikkolo baby carrier. These say that they are suitable from birth but I'm not so sure to be honest. I do like this carrier alot but I only got it when my DD was 1 and I mostly carried her on my back.

So should I stick with what I have or treat myself to a new sling (I think I deserve it after a rotten preg!) Seen some good stuff about the Moby, any thoughts or what might suit my needs best. I don't have the energy to try any on tbh so I'll be ordering online.

Thank you for getting this far!

FairLadyRantALot Tue 27-Jan-09 14:40:01

I was going to advise the moby wrap...I had one and it was fab
Mei teis are also lovely
Ringslings are fabulously easy to use.

The Babywearer website is really good and worth a look at !

cmotdibbler Tue 27-Jan-09 14:42:57

I'd get a Moby or a ringsling. I used a ring sling till DS was 1, and they are fab for in and out quickly as well as easy to feed in (IME). One with an open tail is best

MrsBadger Tue 27-Jan-09 14:44:16

I started with a woven wrap (like the moby but not stretchy) and found it too much of a fiddle, though v comfy once on

ended up with a pouch which wasn't hugely comfortable for long days but was so easy get on & off and pop dd in & out of that I used it a lot. They are pretty cheap too (try Freedom Slings thus, or the bargain Hotslings from Big Mama have a padded rail, which is nicer)

FairLadyRantALot Tue 27-Jan-09 14:50:05

moby's are a bit more "forgiving" than woven wraps...and therefore a little bit easier to put on...but yeah, they do require practice.

abdnhiker Tue 27-Jan-09 14:52:56

I loved my close baby carrier - it's similar to a wrap and my DS2 (now 8 months) loved it to bits.

BlueSapphire77 Tue 27-Jan-09 14:54:39

<<Got a babsling... LOVE it!!

Easy to use to cover up for breastfeeding as well, for the days when i'm not in the mood to wallop em out or glare back at staring ppl grin

Theochris Tue 27-Jan-09 15:32:02

So many to choose from. Thanks for the website Fairlady that looks useful.

I'm put off by the excess fabric with the ring sling, does one wear it over or under a coat?

Does the Moby have great big 'tails' IYSWIM? Again I'm unsure whether this should be under or over a coat. I have a Mam cover for the Pikkolo so that will do for when the baby is older, but I'm unsure about when they are really little.

Lots of baba slings and hugababies on ebay, I'm never sure if that is a good or a bad sign!

Thanks for all the help so far

mrsleroyjethrogibbs Tue 27-Jan-09 16:06:27

have a look slingjax

both have sling agents who do demos.

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