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using a pop up travel cot as a moses basket??

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Rosie29 Mon 26-Jan-09 21:40:02

DC 3 due in two weeks. Never bothered with a moses basket for other 2 as lived in small flat and had carry cot from pram for the first few months.
Now we live in 3 storey house and I have tried to borrow a moses basket so we can have the carry cot downstairs and moses basket upstairs. No luck so far.
Have seen a couple of 'pop up' bassinet style travel cots on Kiddicare website and wondered if a baby can use them as a normal bed for daytime naps etc. This would also solve the eternal problem we have had with previous dc's and visiting relatives.
Anyone used one of these in this way?

CarGirl Mon 26-Jan-09 21:43:44

I'd recommend buy a proper mattress to go in it, they are really really thin. You can get made to size ones quite cheaply, just search on ebay.

If you get one of the pop-up ones that does to 18 months it would be worth the investment. Also if you always use it then baby will quite happily sleep in it when you are away etc.

DD4 always napped in a travel cot for this reason, it was fab - could take her to friends for the day and pop her in the travel cot for a nap!

tigermeow Mon 26-Jan-09 22:40:54

We had a pop-up Samsonite one. We put a sheepskin on top of the mattress so it was a bit cosier. The cot has been camping with us and in our luggage to many different countries. Highly recommend them.

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