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Thomas 'tiny' engines for miniature set?

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unicorn Tue 05-Apr-05 16:40:29

Bought this set from e-bay a while back, needless to say the dinky little engines (Thomas, Percy and possibly James) have long since been hoovered up by wicked mum here....

Anyone know where I can get any replacement engines from?

unicorn Tue 05-Apr-05 18:30:46

guess not?

csa Thu 07-Apr-05 09:15:24

unicorn, how little is little? saw some last weekend at the audley end steam railway shop for 4.99 each.

unicorn Thu 07-Apr-05 09:17:51

Thanks, but we're talking absolutely tiny.. 1cm or so!!!..(they go with the bluebird set)

Will keep looking on e-bay.

Fio2 Thu 07-Apr-05 09:22:11

the "take-along": ones are quite good value

JanH Thu 07-Apr-05 09:32:24

I just tried to find a website for Bluebird, unicorn - there doesn't seem to be one and apparently they were taken over by Mattel in about 1999.

Mattel's UK Customer Services page is here - try emailing them and see if they have spares?

JanH Thu 07-Apr-05 09:33:06

Oh, I just saw that you bought it on ebay - do you think they don't make it any more?

unicorn Thu 07-Apr-05 09:36:52

I think it is a 'collectors' thing now...and prob worth something (well ours isn't!)

JanH Thu 07-Apr-05 09:36:55

Oooh, is it this one ? We used to have one of these - though these pieces look bigger than I remember ours being. You could buy another whole set? (or else get a bigger one, with pieces that won't get hooved!)

unicorn Thu 07-Apr-05 09:38:10

that's the one... but you watch that price... it will shoot up....

they are v hard to come by (apart from e-bay that is!!!)

just want the engines tho.

Fio2 Thu 07-Apr-05 09:38:49

awww that is so sweet.

i want it I want it

JanH Thu 07-Apr-05 09:39:28

Is this one the same size as that other one?

JanH Thu 07-Apr-05 09:40:14

fio, I used to play with ours more than DS2 did!

unicorn Thu 07-Apr-05 09:40:43

very deceptive these photo's aren't they!
I was surprised how small the set was... but ds does love it.

Fio2 Thu 07-Apr-05 09:41:34

my son is thomas mad but I really do like the trains, he is into the wooden stuff which is quite <ahem> expensive. He asked my mum for "lady" for easter and i did warn her how dear they were, but she was still shocked

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