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big baby rapidly growing out of rear facing carseat- what to do?

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pistachio Sun 25-Jan-09 21:06:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

saggyhairyarse Sun 25-Jan-09 21:41:33

I've got the Britax Eclipse I think it is. It is rearfacing but can also be used forward facing up to 4 years. I wish I never bothered with the usual rearward baby seats!

differentID Sun 25-Jan-09 21:53:01

Britax First Class!

DorisIsAPinkDragon Sun 25-Jan-09 22:08:44

Second britax first class dd2 is still rear facing in hers at 18 mths (yes she's under 13kg)

Large but v good plan to kick her into forward facing when new dc arrives!!

horsemadgal Sun 25-Jan-09 22:15:19

Plenty of time, you have until the top of his ears reach the top of the seat.

SpecialOffer Mon 26-Jan-09 07:17:18

Britax first class, my 7 month old grew out of the rear facing we had, and I mean grew out of it, he was soooo big!!

The First class can still be fitted rear facing, but is a lot bigger, as it turns around when you want it to.

Thrifty Mon 26-Jan-09 08:02:46

Don't forget you can make the maxicosi bigger. There's a lever which makes the seat deeper so they have more room when they get to a certain weight.

PortAndLemon Mon 26-Jan-09 08:10:15

DD is 9mo and between 98th and 99.6th centile and the top of her head is just above the top of her seat; it'll be a good while yet before the top of her ears get there and I need to change. Really, they fit in it a lot longer than you think.

pistachio Mon 26-Jan-09 09:14:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nicm Mon 26-Jan-09 18:21:32

you can get group 1 rear facing car seats. i've just got one for ds who is 9 months and is off the centile charts for his height! and he still fits into his maxi cosi though, had him in it today. look at for more info if you're interested.

fairimum Mon 26-Jan-09 20:39:09

My amxicosi doesnt have a lever just the padded insert thing! my DD is now 9 months and she hasn't got much longer in the last couple of months she really really slowed down she has just got rounder!

Ashantai Mon 26-Jan-09 22:03:23

I didnt know about the lever either? Whereabouts it is Thrifty?

nicm Tue 27-Jan-09 10:16:12

i don't think the lever is on the newer maxi cosi cabrio. mine is about 4 years old and it has it but when i looked at them when i was having ds 10 months ago i don't think they had them-they just had a deeper padded insert.

MrsBadger Tue 27-Jan-09 10:26:33

nope, no levers since about 2006

Thrifty Tue 27-Jan-09 11:21:41

Oh, ours had a lever thing, twas on the inside. You had to open the box thing on the back iirc. We bought ours in 2005. Refer to the instruction book. I didn't realise they had changed the design. It wasn't something i knew about until a friend with the same seat showed me, as we had the same problem as the op.

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