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Table attachment for tripp trapp?

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JanandDan Tue 05-Apr-05 12:43:09

I really want to get one of the tripp trapp high chairs, but thought it would be more versatile if it had an attachable table part. Cant find anything on official sites, but looked on ebay and found a 'clic clac' attachable table - anyone used this? cant find info on it anywhere else!

bundle Tue 05-Apr-05 12:44:38

never seen one, and can't see the point of an attachable table bit, the whole point of a tripp trapp is they sit at the family table.

hunkermunker Tue 05-Apr-05 12:45:33

We have a Tripp Trapp and can't see the point of having a table. I LOVE my TT (so does DS )

JanandDan Tue 05-Apr-05 13:01:49

I understand how great it will be to have him at the table, thats why i want a tripp trapp. Id just like to be able to use it in rooms that dont have a table in them, like my kitchen. Thought it would be nicer for him to be at a higher level and with a tray in front of him to play with his toys. At them moment he is always at ground level with us looming over him!

Nimme Tue 05-Apr-05 13:07:29

I use/d TT for DD1. Only problem I found was that with the baby attachment you can't really get it close enough to table. I also put food on plate which DD1 would sometimes fling off which used to really p... me off. Oh and hammer her spoon, fork whatever into table and make huge dents. For DD2 I will buy very cheap high chair from Ikea with a detachable tray - no plate, no dents and nice and close.

franke Tue 05-Apr-05 13:12:23

I have the table attachment and used it alot with dd but have removed it for ds as he uses it to lever himself out of the seat! I found it really useful as our actual table is a bit high for the babies to sit at. The one you've found on ebay is the right model but seems a bit pricey to me especially with postage. They've got them on German ebay for 32 euros - I know that's not particularly helpful but shows there is quite a price difference.

JanandDan Tue 05-Apr-05 13:15:50

levers himself out of the seat?! how old was he when he started doing this?! ds is only 5 months at moment so hopefully not so athletic yet!

and yes nimme i am also woried about huge chunks out of the table!

glad you found it useful though, i do think i will give it a go

bundle Tue 05-Apr-05 13:17:21

buy some of the vinyl covered cotton tablecloth stuff to protect your table, much easier to clean with a wet cloth too.

bundle Tue 05-Apr-05 13:19:18

like these

franke Tue 05-Apr-05 13:20:37

Yes, he is quite athletic. I've just done a search - obviously exactly the same one you did (!). The sellers on ebay seem to be the only people offering the table attachment in the UK hence the price. You will probably be able to sell it on quite easily once you've finished with it.

tarantula Tue 05-Apr-05 13:23:18

dd started trying to lever herself out of her highchair at about 9 mnths. She still tries with her tt but a pair of reins soon put a stop to that. I wouldnt put a young child into a highchair without them being strapped in (certainly not if they are like dd anyway)

bundle Tue 05-Apr-05 13:25:14

put the reins on ours when we bought it

JanandDan Tue 05-Apr-05 13:27:39

Its strange that its not more available isnt it? It just seems to make sense to me to be able to use it all around the house!

and thank you bundle i will get a covering like this.

DS is just 5 months so is getting ready for weaning and is getting much better at sitting up now, so im planning ahead. wont be long now. My little baby is growing up!

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