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Mini Ipod and Ipod Shuffle technical question

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Beetroot Tue 05-Apr-05 10:38:04

Message withdrawn

jampots Tue 05-Apr-05 10:49:34

can you drag songs from your library over to his and then download them?

ThomCat Tue 05-Apr-05 10:50:51

hang on I'll ask DP, he knows stuff like this.......

Beetroot Tue 05-Apr-05 10:51:12

Message withdrawn

jampots Tue 05-Apr-05 10:58:33

can you download your tracks onto a cd and then install them on his library?

Beetroot Tue 05-Apr-05 11:00:31

Message withdrawn

hoxtonchick Tue 05-Apr-05 11:01:01

i think you can only have 1 copy of itunes per ipod, if that makes sense.

jampots Tue 05-Apr-05 11:01:13

give him your ipod?

lou33 Tue 05-Apr-05 11:04:04

will ask dh to have a look at this thread when he comes back from ds2's physio session

hub2dee Tue 05-Apr-05 11:19:19

The devices are locked to a user so people can't share music illegally.

Either - change device name and treat them as both under one users id, IYSWIM, or run an app that gives you 'unrestrained access' to the devices you have bought...

Mac or PC Beety ?

(PS bought Golden Moth. Should be here soon). <<sticky tongue out in friendly manner>>

Beetroot Tue 05-Apr-05 11:38:08

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Tue 05-Apr-05 11:38:32

Message withdrawn

lou33 Tue 05-Apr-05 11:44:19


Beetroot Tue 05-Apr-05 11:45:47

Message withdrawn

lou33 Tue 05-Apr-05 11:46:59

think he is saying try and find something like i was suggesting offline. Will ask dh soonish and flash you

ThomCat Tue 05-Apr-05 11:58:43

From my DP:

Need to create a new user on the computer.

Then copy (not move) the music to the new user.

Open itunes in the new user.

Add the copied music.

There you go...

Beetroot Tue 05-Apr-05 12:12:12

Message withdrawn

hub2dee Tue 05-Apr-05 21:00:35

Hi Beety, sorry out all day and just back.

An app = an application, or a computer program. Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer are apps.

I was asking what platform (ie. 'brand' of computer operating system you use). If your hardware is beautiful, like that painting of the Golden Moth and never crashes and you don't get spyware, you must be using an Apple Mac. If your computer is an ugly beige box and is a pain in the ass, it'll be a Windows PC.

<<very biased, me.>>

I presume you are using a PC.

This link to will take you to several pages of helpful 'apps' to do with using your ipod. I expect one will allow you 'unlocked' control over your machine so that you can defeat the copy protection and move / copy whatever files you want between your PC and your iPod / Shuffle.

I am no longer a PC man for which I thank the good Lord repeatedly, often more than once per day, so I will not be able to further suggest exactly which app (or 'program') will do what you want, but I am pretty confident you will find it on those pages.

Having this kind of unrestrained control over your iPod means you can copy and move music without regard to which user the device is assigned to.

I hope that explains it a bit.

WRT your last question, you could use a different computer on the network to do your music library moving etc. but you would have to copy the entire music library to this other PC, and you would still need to have different user names - the IPod 'belongs' to one person ie. 'Mrs. B's iPod' and won't let 'Mr. A N Other's' iPod grab music from your collection IYSWIM...

Beetroot Tue 05-Apr-05 21:02:24

Message withdrawn

hub2dee Tue 05-Apr-05 21:27:30

Sorry to hear it. Even iTunes on the Mac is nicer than iTunes on the PC...

anyway... are you any closer to sorting stuff out ? Did you look through those two pages of Windows apps ? Did you find anything that looked suitable ?

hub2dee Tue 05-Apr-05 21:30:15

BTW - not quite sure age of ds / if ds has own computer etc. etc. but if he doesn't, and you share one computer without faffing around with multiple accounts, you could just rename his device I think...

Not 100% sure on that, but believe one person could own both devices and 'synch' to just one library, IYSWIM...

Beetroot Tue 05-Apr-05 23:30:15

Message withdrawn

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