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Anyone know how to 'year' a maclaren techno XT, got one and want to know what year it was made...

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Disenchanted3 Sat 24-Jan-09 19:30:27

can't find any dates on the buggy its self.

Trying to figure it out from pics, looking at the wheels etc but not having much luck.


EldonAve Sat 24-Jan-09 20:35:52

do you have a pic of it?

nicolamumof3 Sat 24-Jan-09 22:00:22

yep you can normally tell by how many spokes the wheels are.

pushchair Sat 24-Jan-09 22:40:58

I had a six spoke one and was told it was 4 years old. One bar is 2007.

Disenchanted3 Sun 25-Jan-09 12:43:37

Figured it out, am quite shock at how old it is, lol think its at least 4 yrs old.

just bought a 2008 one!

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