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Does anyone know where I can get a wooden house for a boy ...

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nappyaddict Fri 23-Jan-09 22:01:59

All the ones I've seen are baby pink and whilst there's nothing wrong with DS having a baby pink house I'd prefer him to have one in a less girly colour. He's only 2 at the moment so doesn't actually care if things are pink but he will be 3 in June and that could change by then.

AnarchyAunt Fri 23-Jan-09 22:05:30

Do you mean a dolls house? Try Home Bargains, they have a lovely one thats plain wood with red furniture for £20. DD has one and its lovely.

Dozymare Fri 23-Jan-09 22:06:45

we have got a firestation/house from GLTC. Has 4 seperate rooms (bedroom, kitchen, office) and is well loved and played with!

Stinkyfeet Fri 23-Jan-09 22:07:02

How about this or this?

Stinkyfeet Fri 23-Jan-09 22:07:59

Oh, Perhaps you mean dolls houses - sorry!!

feetheart Fri 23-Jan-09 22:10:25

We got ours from ebay. Nice plain wood.
I have DD and DS and HATE, HATE, HATE the gender stereotyping. I positively fume everytime I step into ELC at the moment. And as for their catalogue angryangryangry
Can feel my blood pressure rising as I type!

Twink Fri 23-Jan-09 22:13:11

We had a plain wood one from Plan Toys. We also had a lovely Pin Toys fire station with an engine and figures but ££

snickersnack Fri 23-Jan-09 22:13:12

If you want to spend a bit more money, the Pintoy Marlborough one is entirely neutral (can't do links on phone, sorry). Beautiful and all the boys who come to visit love it.

ThingOne Fri 23-Jan-09 22:21:20

I was going to suggest the pin toy fire station too!

We have a hand-me-down plain wood dolls house which the boys loved. If there's not much choice in shops or on-line at this time of year you could well get lucky at a jumble sale or a charity shop.

If you are feeling flush, this one is lovely. My children have played with it lots in the shop.

nappyaddict Fri 23-Jan-09 22:24:54

AA where is Home Bargains? Roughly how big is it?

I saw this in Toys R us but it looked a bit pooring compared to the colourful pink one they also sold.

Annoyingly this one is very cheap.

AnarchyAunt Fri 23-Jan-09 22:33:54

There's a Home Bargains in B Hill grin

How big is the house or the Home Bargains? House is dolls house size - not massive. Home Bargains is Poundland size.

How much do you want to spend? DD's school shop has some lovely ones but they are £30-40.

nappyaddict Fri 23-Jan-09 22:40:36

How big is the house lol. Don't suppose you could do me a favour and measure it when you've got time.

Where in Brierley Hill is HB?

AnarchyAunt Fri 23-Jan-09 22:42:32

I will measure it tomorrow - not going in there now as she will wake up and ask what are you doing mummy.

HB is on the high street just before Asda.

EachPeachPearMum Fri 23-Jan-09 22:58:14

nappy- we have the toys r us one (I don't do pink, even though it is DD's house). There is loads of stuff in it, and she really likes it. It is usually half price though, so you may want to hold out a little while?
Other than that- maybe get the argos one and a)- leave it- so what if it's pink- it's just a colour....
or b) paint it with coulours more suitable for your DS.

I know other mners have painted the toys r us one... and we may actually paint it in the future, however as DC2 (overdue) is a boy- we definitely would be using gender-neutral colours if we do paint it.

They have the pintoy one in John Lewis (Solihull- I know its a bit of a trek for you, but at least you could see before buying)

Also- the plain wooden ones can be found on ebay- often the ones that ELC used to do- with the little red roof- they are really nice...just do advanced search, elc wooden dolls house and tick title and description- should be loads on there.

nappyaddict Sat 24-Jan-09 09:05:21

oh i'll wait for the toys r us one then. i do like it especially cos you get lots of bits included but £100 is a lot. Do you know what time of year they usually have it half price? I got a half price train set and table but that was in october ready for xmas.

EachPeachPearMum Mon 26-Jan-09 22:41:38

Hmm- I bought it end of sept I think...
There are a lot of bits with it! grin but DD enjoys putting them all over the place, and adding animals etc from her farm, or from jigsaws! hmm

nappyaddict Tue 27-Jan-09 23:35:32

yeah that's the same time i got ds' train table. bet they won't have it half price again til then. i might wait til xmas if i can't get the one AA mentioned.

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