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Nania Driver SP in an 08 Passat??

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lauraloola Fri 23-Jan-09 20:14:37

I received this today from the internet and put it rear facing in our 08 Passat. Im not sure of the fit though.

The base isnt lying flat and the seat seems very upright.

Anyone else had this? Im going to try it in my parents Focus tomorrow and if it fits better they can have it.

I have a feeling we are going to struggle for car seats for our car as the seats seem short.

wontbepreggersagain Sat 24-Jan-09 10:16:16

vw's are notorious for car seat fitting problems- you need a trained fitter to try out as many as poss- usually britax and concord are the best fit in vw's.

But tbh- the nania is quite upright when rear facing.

lauraloola Sat 24-Jan-09 14:38:17

I have given up. Dp has tried to get it to fit but Im not sure.

When its on the seat the base either isnt flat or not on the whole seat IYSWIM. The seat has some movement when fitted tight but not too much.

I will try it in my parents car and see how it fits in there.

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