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Need a decent (and big!) changing bag - suggestions?

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LooseyC Thu 22-Jan-09 21:33:50

After a year of using the Boots freebie changing bag I'm going to treat myself to a new one now dc2 is on the way.

I need one which looks nice and is big enough as they will both be in nappies. I'll also need to fix it to the back of my side-by-side double buggy somehow as well. I quite like the look of the JuJu Be BeAll ones but don't know if I'll get everything in as I'm a bit of a over-packer!

Any suggestions? There are millions out there!

PuzzleRocks Thu 22-Jan-09 22:33:26

Bumping for you.

onadietcokebreak Thu 22-Jan-09 22:38:21

The Skip hop range do a special double one which i beleive you can fit the kitchen sink also is desined to clip onto your double buggy

I currently have the Skip hop deluxe and wish it was the first changing bag I brought..I wanted it but the price put me treated myself to it and its fab.

Alibear1 Thu 22-Jan-09 22:47:48

I've got a Storksak (sp?) and I love it. It holds a ton of stuff, I have a tendency to overpack aswell. DS wears cloth nappies and I have room for 2/3 of those plus a spare outer and booster pads, 2 changes of clothes, a couple of muslins, a small cotton blanket, a few toys, my purse,hairbrush,gloves etc - and a few other random items!!

bellabelly Thu 22-Jan-09 22:49:16

Another vote for the Skip Hop Double Duo - it's fab!

Northernlurker Thu 22-Jan-09 22:50:14

try here

I have a nice big one I got from TK MAXX btw so it's worth looking there on the off chance as well.

3girlies Fri 23-Jan-09 10:45:02

Yes- try TKMaxx as they usually have loads of big change bags for cheap money.
I have a Samsonite turtle bag, it is fab and wish I'd had it all along, really roomy as I used cloth nappies and great for holiday stuff too. They go cheap on ebay too.

RubyRioja Fri 23-Jan-09 10:52:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

accessorizequeen Fri 23-Jan-09 12:32:42

I ordered a JuJu BeAll for my double and the straps weren't wide enough to stretch unfortunately (I have a MB double). Also didn't seem that big but the next size up in the JuJuBe range is Huuuuuuuge as I tried that one too. Both lovely bags though, but quite heavy empty because of the material. They're so pretty though, I think I shall eventually buy one!

I ended up buying a phil n teds bacpac as I really needed something I could wear on my back at times, but I think Allerhand might be worth a look at for your needs. The skip hop one is very very big too btw, could be awkward to carry.
I have dt's plus a 2yo and I've bought some buggy buddies on ebay to hold the extra stuff I need sometimes out and about rather than buy a really huge bag. Combined with some onya bags, that works really well.

lecohen Fri 23-Jan-09 12:50:57

I have a Petunia Pickle bottom one I am selling - it's a messenger type like this:

Looking for £75 delivered - Brand new with tags

Rindercella Fri 23-Jan-09 13:11:40

Another vote for Storksak. They do various sizes and look fab Mine holds loads of stuff.

LooseyC Sat 24-Jan-09 20:35:19

Thanks for all of these suggestions!

Accessorizequeen - I have a MB double too (not that I've used it yet) so really useful to know the JuJu one won't go on that, thanks. What a shame as they are so nice!

I've been browsing on these links - the Storksaks look really good as handbags too but they aren't cheap! Hmmm. The bigger skip hop and Allerhand ones may more be in my price and size range though really need to curb my tendancy to pack everything I might need in the next 12 months when popping to the shops...

suzanneb1975 Tue 27-Jan-09 12:25:01

have a look at they have loads of changing bags. we ordered a stork sak elizabeth and a skip hop dash. they do free delivery and i've seen them featured in various magazines, so i was happy to order from them. the order arrived within two days and we couldn't decide, so ended up keeping them both !

Qally Tue 27-Jan-09 17:45:05

I have a lovely Billy Bag satchel type I bought second hand from Ebay. Lots of pockets/compartments to stuff various bits and bobs in, oilcloth type material, and genuinely pretty with red leather trim.

My advice is to look for one on Ebay - set up a search on the exact ones you want. The expensive ones are ludicrously priced for such a short-term item, but durable and cleverly designed, so buy a yummy mummy's spare or an unwanted gift at half the cost.

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