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What things are the unexpected bane of your life?

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happymerryberries Mon 04-Apr-05 17:41:35

For me it would have to be comics that come with a 'free' plastic crappy gift that ends up in bits all over the floor (again!)

Titania Mon 04-Apr-05 18:29:06

yup me too. And they are broken within seconds....

cod Mon 04-Apr-05 18:29:29

Message withdrawn

JoolsToo Mon 04-Apr-05 18:47:02

unopenable packets of biscuits

zebraXing Mon 04-Apr-05 18:48:19

ants in the kitchen

dropinthe Mon 04-Apr-05 18:50:44


mrsflowerpot Mon 04-Apr-05 18:51:05

grrr to sweets at tills. And particularly to our newly refurbished local Woolies where you have to run the gauntlet of all the toys at the front of the shop before you can get to the useful stuff at the back, then back past the toys, then into a queueing system lined with sweets. As far as tantrums in their shop go, they deserve everything they get.

starlover Mon 04-Apr-05 19:36:28

shops (particularly clothes shops), that are too narrow to fit my pram between the racks.
I end up pushing my way through and getting various items of clothing stuck on the metal bits that hold the hood up.

starlover Mon 04-Apr-05 19:36:50

must be impossible for people who have side-by-side twin buggies!

morningpaper Mon 04-Apr-05 19:46:40

Can openers. I can never seem to find one that works for more than a week.

Newbarnsleygirl Mon 04-Apr-05 19:48:40

Shops that have those blummin 50p rides right by the door.

MrsDoolittle Mon 04-Apr-05 19:50:19

Grass cuttings!!! Mowed the lawn at the weekend and the cuttings seem to be all over the house! they keep coming back even after I have hoovered them up!

tigi Mon 04-Apr-05 20:29:47

washing cans for the recycling bin, and then cutting my fingers on them!

piffle Mon 04-Apr-05 20:33:34

glass shower doors - well cleaning the buggers
ditto ovens...

expatinscotland Mon 04-Apr-05 20:37:03

Council tax.

Jbck Tue 05-Apr-05 18:26:45

The dip in the housing market! Wanted to sell last June but no DH says wait till we find a house then put ours up & what happened, everything went to hell in a handbag & we lost the house of our dreams.
Trying again now it's Spring but I'm madder than a mad bear with mad-fever.
Just realised it's not the housing market it's DH .

milge Tue 05-Apr-05 18:46:23

cleaning up weetabix and porridge after breakfast - it gets everywhere and is impossible to get off surfaces/clothes

Tommy Tue 05-Apr-05 18:50:17

A certain litle boy who seems to spend all his time either with his hands down his pants or saying "What said?" - both of which have been driving me particularly mad today.....

vict17 Tue 05-Apr-05 18:52:53


colditzmum Tue 05-Apr-05 18:55:22

Paper, it gets everywhere in my house and I cannot wait until it is made completely obsolete.

jojo28 Wed 06-Apr-05 10:55:08

Congestion charge, council tax, no Sesame Street and supposedly living in a secular soceity but then being told I have to go to church in order for my child to go to his local nursery

Titania Wed 06-Apr-05 10:56:18

the sudden inability to keep neutral coloured walls and floors clean!!!

Fio2 Wed 06-Apr-05 10:56:52

shared drains

scoot Wed 06-Apr-05 11:50:24

dito on the can opener.

Is it only me who can flush the toilet in this house!

pragmatist Wed 06-Apr-05 11:54:37

The clearing up after children's meal times (1yr old and nearly 3 yr old). Takes forever. Incredible mess.

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