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had our car seat nicked

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ThomCat Mon 04-Apr-05 13:42:38

My dad had his car stolen on Saturday night and the stole the car seat. We have one in our car but he picks her up from school for us every day so he needs his own one.

Lottie is 3 but small and not walking (she has Down's syndrome).

Any reccomodations (we can't afford to go mad).


RTMTMML Mon 04-Apr-05 13:44:51

no recommendations but wanted to say


Hope you get a good one soon (and they get their comeuppance!)

LIZS Mon 04-Apr-05 13:45:37

That is rotten . Would you prefer one with an integral harness ?

CountessDracula Mon 04-Apr-05 13:46:11

tc we have this one for dd very pleased with it, much better than the stage 2 ones.

Although dd is only 2.5 she weighs 15 kgs and is quite tall so it is suitable for her, maybe Lottie would be too small though?

Branster Mon 04-Apr-05 13:46:21

Oh dear, your poor dad!
presumably he has no car to drive now so no need for a new car seat?
unless he has recovered the car minus the car seat. In which case, you could try: drop off DD at scholl AM, then drive around to your dad's, leave the car seat for him, he picks DD up and brings her to your home returning the car seat at the same time???

starlover Mon 04-Apr-05 13:48:04

Thomcat... surely insurance will pay out for a new one???

flashingnose Mon 04-Apr-05 13:49:27

Would they let you leave her carseat at school in the short term?

ThomCat Mon 04-Apr-05 13:54:55

He got his ransacked car back, still drivable but dented and scratched etc.
They only thing missing as a set of keys and the seat.

Not sure about insurance, he's finding out. Either way I'll still need to but another one.

Leaving mine with the school for him to pick her up is a short term answer, but as I have to carry lottie in every day, it's 2 trips through car park, round building and into school and it's bloody heavy to carry and it's always a rush, you working mums know what it's like in terms of trying to not arrive to work late every morning. Also I have a terrible memory and am scared that I'll get to work and trun round and realise I didn't leave the seat behind, and then what would he do?

misdee Mon 04-Apr-05 13:58:11

i'd say britax elite as it will last longer. suitable from 9months to 6yrs old. at the age of 3 she probably wouldnt be in the normal stage 2 seats much longer.

and can i say 'gits' on your dads behalf.

nicm Mon 04-Apr-05 18:26:30

hi so sorry about your dads car and the baby seat. hope they pay you for the seat, although they might not as my friends car was stolen and she wasn't insured to have her car seat or pram in car overnight!! i would recommend a maxi cosi priori. i have the normal sps one(the cheaper version) not the xp and they are very light weight, easy to install, recline well and got good results in the safety tests. i got one from local baby shop for £79.99 on offer.


KBear Mon 04-Apr-05 18:34:13

Thomcat, I have a Britax Club Class you are welcome to. Am in SE London. What rotten luck.

ThomCat Mon 04-Apr-05 21:24:38

Really kbear? Wow! Thanks. Where about in SE London are you?

vickiyumyum Mon 04-Apr-05 21:32:43

hi just would like to second countessdraculas recommendation did have 2 of these myself (1 for each child) started using for ds2 when he was just over a yearold and never looked back.
i now only have one as luckily it was in my mums car when my car was broken into and they stole my carseat, maclaren techno and mamas and papas p3. so know exactly how you feel. and unfortunatley i thought the insurance would pay up, but they didn't as they said that i hadn't activated my alarm! we had but sleep at back of the house and couldn't hear it. ds 1 woke up and heard it and looked out of the window and said in the morning, 'mummy what was that man doing in our car last night?'

KBear Mon 04-Apr-05 21:41:22

Thomcat - yes really. I'm near Bexleyheath. Are you local to me?

ThomCat Mon 04-Apr-05 21:46:40

Blimey KBear, I don't know what to say. I wan't expecting this! Well I'm in Middlesex, so not exactly near, but doable I suppose. Maybe we could drive over on a free Sunday?
Will confer with DP. This is incredibly kind and generous of you. Thank you. I'll get in touch. TC xx

KBear Mon 04-Apr-05 21:57:17

Well it's here if you want it, nobody seems to want second hand car seats so it's sitting in the wendy house taking up space! Shame to just take it to the tip.

mamadadawahwah Mon 04-Apr-05 22:35:13

I never thought of thieves nicking a car seat. What next!!! Mind you they steal babies so its not beyond imagination!

If you child does not need a "special" seat, index and argos do averave ones and good prices.

hunkermunker Mon 04-Apr-05 22:41:05

and that people can be so vile.

and that MNetters can be so lovely!

ThomCat Tue 05-Apr-05 10:28:03

Thanks kbear. My dad seems to think it might be covered by insurance, so not sure still but I'll let you know.
Thanks a lot. TC x

slug Tue 05-Apr-05 10:45:45

Where do you live? We've just got rid of our car and are in posession of a Brittax car seat that fits my 3 year old. If you want it and live in London you can have it for free.

ThomCat Tue 05-Apr-05 10:47:46

Hi Slug, and thank you. I'm in Pinner, Middlesex, so Greater London, not far from Harrow. takes about 30 mins to drive into the west End.
Where are you?

slug Tue 05-Apr-05 11:10:12

Lewisham, and you would be doing us a huge favour, it just clutters up the place.

ThomCat Tue 05-Apr-05 13:07:42

mumsnetters are such lovely people!
thnks very much slug. I'll let you know what happens with the insurance.
Thanks, TC x

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