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Thuka/ flexa beds - So many choices!!!!! Which are the best?

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Yurtgirl Wed 21-Jan-09 12:28:56

These beds look so similar - which are the best Thuka or Flexa?

Which are the best for quality?
Which are the best for price?

There are so many options available I have no idea where to start

I know I want a white bunk......

thisisyesterday Wed 21-Jan-09 12:32:30

we have thuka. actually, i may have said this on another thread of yours??? dunno!

anyway we love it for so many reasons. thuka do a whitewash bunk
the thing I like about them is that you can separate the beds and you can buy kits to make them into midsleepers or highsleepers if you want to as well. or just hae them as ordinary beds.
and also you can get sloping ladders.
and you can get a cool table to fix to the top bunk for drinks and stuff :D

whereabouts are you? we got ours from a place called rainbow wood in Farnham, surrey. they'r elovely in there and may stock flexa too i think.

they have a website anyway

Yurtgirl Wed 21-Jan-09 12:34:27

You did because it is my current obsession!

I have settled on several and changed my mind again and again for various reasons

Am going slightly insane!

We are in rural wales so viewing them in the flesh isnt really an option

Yurtgirl Wed 21-Jan-09 13:06:20

How I wish now that we had bought dds furniture in beech or pine

Her white stuff wont 'go' with a bed that isnt white - but I cant find a white one at a price that I like


Yurtgirl Wed 21-Jan-09 13:50:07

New Question

I am warming to Flexa - Thisisyesterday that site is fab, good prices and huge choice

My question is why are the bunks so low - they seem to be only about 146cm high which is very low for a bunk bed - is that because you can convert them to a higher bed later on

How do they convert? Is it expensive

breadandroses Wed 21-Jan-09 13:52:47

I got a white bunkbed from Argos. when I opened it the instructions and leaflets were all from Thuka shock

D'you think this means the bed is also grin

Yurtgirl Wed 21-Jan-09 13:57:02

Persumably - which bed was it?

Yurtgirl Wed 21-Jan-09 13:57:57

I thought I was looking at flexa but doh thisisyesterdays link is thuka

Either way I may have finally made my choice

amazonianwoman Wed 21-Jan-09 16:41:53

Have never seen thuka in the flesh, but DD has a white Flexa mid sleeper + bedside shelf + bookcase and we love it. Very well made, superb comfy mattress, very flexible. I think they're worth the £££.

Flexa were doing a 20% discount when we bought it. Just waiting for another discount so I can get one for DS.

captainpig Wed 21-Jan-09 16:47:19

Just to throw you we've got a flexa bed for our DD, I love it.

thisisyesterday Wed 21-Jan-09 17:57:17

breadandroses, yes they are made by argos for Thuka.

the guy at rainbow wood showed us part of an argos one to compare to the actual ones they sell under the Thuka name.
obv not much difference except that the wood is about half the width, so they aren't as sturdy (but clearly sturdy enough?)
and you don't get the flexibility to change them to midsleeper and all that. they'll just be what they are iyswim?

have no idea re: height I'm afraid. we only have one atm, as a midsleeper, though planning on getting another bed and transforming them to bunks when ds2 is big enough

thisisyesterday Wed 21-Jan-09 17:57:40

oh, but I did sit on the bottom bunk of one in the shop and didn't notice it being particularly small...

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