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Mamas & Papas Pulse?

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mummylonglegs Sun 03-Apr-05 20:44:50

I'm in the process of getting rid of our MacLaren Triumph for something a little bigger and more comfy for dd who's 2 1/2. I've been looking at the MacLaren Techno bit it's a bit pricey and someone recommended the Mamas & Papas Pulse which I've looked up on the net and like the look of. Now I'm wondering if anyone's used one and what they think of it.


mummylonglegs Sun 03-Apr-05 21:19:07


madgirl Sun 03-Apr-05 21:23:32

just bourgh one and really like it. my ds2 is 9 months. ours was about 80 quid.

mummylonglegs Sun 03-Apr-05 22:29:36

Yes, £80 seems roughly what I've seen them going for. Any further info about it, madgirl? Does it fold up fairly small? Brakes ok? How about space in it for a toddler-type sized body?

bengybob Sun 03-Apr-05 22:36:21

ive had this pushchair for about 3 months now and i love it. Paid £69 from a local nursery store so a real bargain. When i went to mamas and papas shop last week they had it on offer for £79 (i think).

mummylonglegs Mon 04-Apr-05 09:45:03

Is it comfy? Good wheels? Brakes? Am thinking of getting it at the end of the month. Do you think it compares will with Maclaren techno?

mummylonglegs Mon 04-Apr-05 14:48:13

Anyone else?

vickiyumyum Mon 04-Apr-05 19:19:20

hi i brought the pulse the other day and so far so good. i have had the techno, but was stolen when my car was broken into.
so far so good with it, i think its just as good as the techno, folds up as small maybe even slightly smaller. just as padded except the new techno has a padded head rest but for a 2 1/2 yo shouldn't really be a concern, after all if anything like my ds probably spends more time walking than in buggy.

mummylonglegs Mon 04-Apr-05 21:46:26

Thanks vicki, so it's pretty sturdy? Wheels and brakes ok? Sorry to be so 'fussy' it's just that we're very short of cash, I've been given a bonus this month and have to spend it wisely!

Unlike your ds my dd doesn't like walking anywhere! Well, she starts off fairly enthusiastically, but is very small and slight and gets worn out very quickly so a buggy is still very necessary!

mummylonglegs Tue 05-Apr-05 14:02:53

Any other takers?

mummylonglegs Wed 06-Apr-05 12:22:23

My last hopeful bump ...

mummylonglegs Mon 11-Apr-05 11:00:09

I'm still fishing for info as going to get it in a couple of weeks and want to be sure as won't be able to get another one after this ...

Anyone a proud owner of one of these little buggies?

mummylonglegs Mon 11-Apr-05 13:51:38

Another bump

mummylonglegs Mon 11-Apr-05 15:34:15

teeny bump

hotmama Mon 11-Apr-05 16:08:12

I bought one of these from John Lewis a couple of weeks ago for £85. It has been bought to go on holiday with as it packs so small. I have a Jane Powertrack which is brill - I live near fields etc so I needed a bigger wheeler for everyday use IYSWIM.

Have used the Pulse and I really like it, really manoeovres well, easy to pack up, comes with a rain cover and has a carrying handle. I think it is an absolute bargain for the price. However, I bought it as an 'occasional' buggy so I don't know how it stands up for regular use - but I assume it should be fine.

vickiyumyum Mon 11-Apr-05 21:22:58

hi sorry wasn't checking thread.
the buggy is great it took a lot of persuading for me to buy yet another buggy after, finally clearing my vast collection (apart from a couple of faves!LOL!), but am def glad i brought the pulse and not the maclaren techno, much better value for money for a start.
been using it for a while now and can't fault it, my mum who looks after ds in the day wants to have it at her house as she hates the brakes on the maclaren triumph that she uses, so looks like it will be going there during the week.
the brakes are fine, the only thing that took a bit of getting used to was the leg rest but only a minor thing as it is nearly always down anyway.
great buggy, good brakes, easy folding, easy to push, good raincover and adequatley padded.
personally think you can't go wrong.

mummylonglegs Mon 11-Apr-05 21:34:32

Oh, thanks then. I'll purchase one later this month!

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