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woodburners are clearveiw really he way to go?

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RiaParkinson Sun 18-Jan-09 20:57:24

Any cheaper good options ?

mrsleroyjethrogibbs Sun 18-Jan-09 21:01:43

yes plenty.... We went for a Scan stove made by jotul. Brilliant stove as you can watch the flames go around and around with the secondary burn unlike other stoves. Glass is clean etc etc heat output is incredible.
PIL have a clearview and its fab but there are plenty others out there.


RiaParkinson Sun 18-Jan-09 21:34:14

mrsleroy they look fab

mrsleroyjethrogibbs Sun 18-Jan-09 21:43:35

we looked around lots before we chose. DH's dad has had lots of experience with them as has dh so they both knew what they were looking for. The scan stoves are super duper effiecient - that would be the danish for you - so that what you are left with is hardly any ash at all.
I know that the new aga stoves are superb too. We also had an aarrow stove and of course people swear by the Morso (squirrel). We were going to go for a morso squirrel but tbh it was a bit to heavy and fussy looking for us. Depends which look you are after as it were.

One thing I would say is that the clearview will burn anything and everything. The scan will burn wood and smokeless only so if you are thinking of using normal household coal its not the stove for you.

RiaParkinson Sun 18-Jan-09 21:46:22

thanks so much for that

am also getting an aga so had looked at their stoves just for uniformitys (!) sake

did not know anything about them - brochure says 75% fuel efficient again dont really have parameters ,,,,

mrsleroyjethrogibbs Sun 18-Jan-09 22:02:01

lol i know what you mean. Nice to have a matching pair as it were.
take a good look at the seals around the door and how they close. Also look at how the seal looks where the hinges and the catch are as they tend to get compressed a bit more there. They are not difficult to replace just fiddly. Also check the riddling ability of a stove. It will make your life easier if you are not spending all your time trying to poke it with the door open. The handle on our scan actually removes so that it never gets hot to the touch which is important with smaller hands. FInally are you using a lined flue? if you have one already then great (just check the size of this to the new stove as you might need an adaptor) if not you will need to line your flue with probably a flexi flue liner and the enamel into the room

eek. what a geek I am

mrsleroyjethrogibbs Sun 18-Jan-09 22:04:14

oh btw have you ordered the aga? If not look here:


no plinth required and no flue required AND they are cheaper to run and more flexible than an aga. I wish I could afford a new one tbh. I have a rayburn cookmaster which I love but would give my eyeteeth for an everhot

RiaParkinson Sun 18-Jan-09 22:04:46

ohh how very knowledgable you are

what is riddling ?(sounds sweet!}

mrsleroyjethrogibbs Sun 18-Jan-09 22:07:04

lol its the knob on the outside of the stove which allows you to move the grate on the inside to allow more air and to shuffle any ashes which might be blocking the airflow especially when starting the fire.
i am a mine of useless information

RiaParkinson Sun 18-Jan-09 22:08:20

i like the handle coming off....
good thinking!

mrsleroyjethrogibbs Sun 18-Jan-09 22:12:19

yup me too. I dont know that the clearviews handles come off. I know PIL's doesnt so you need to wear heatproof gloves to open the stove.

RiaParkinson Sun 18-Jan-09 22:46:49


the aga one felloff when th ds's were fiddling with it in the showroom blush

jasper Sun 18-Jan-09 23:01:05

I got a clearview and a Morso at the same time for two different rooms.

Clearview is TEN TIMES better.

jasper Sun 18-Jan-09 23:02:51

My brother had a clearview in his old house and something else (cant remember - think begins with a C)in his new house.

He says clearview better also

RiaParkinson Sun 18-Jan-09 23:30:17


showed dp your cps and he looked impressed

jasper Mon 19-Jan-09 11:04:53

Bit more detail.
The clearview gave out a better heat and could be stacked up at night, turned low and still be burning in the morning.

We never managed to do that with the morso.

Clearview produced less ash and could be left for days and days without cleaning out.

In the winter the clearview was on 24 /7 and between that and the aga ( and the morso which had to be relit each morning) we never put the heating on all winter .

We never had to properly clean it out - just empty the shovel tray thing underneath without disturbing the fire.The morso produced lots more ash.

In our old house we ha

jasper Mon 19-Jan-09 11:09:09

whoops sorry!

In old house we had a plentiful supply of cheap / free wood BUT dh spent a LOT of time chopping it.It really was a labour of love !

You will need far more wood than you think so need a large place to store it.

Also have you worked out where you will get wood? Several suppliers round here have completely run out of wood due to recent popularity of wood burning stoves.

we also used coal in ours

Good luck in choosing.
PS I must say those scan ones look great

jasper Mon 19-Jan-09 11:13:33

Ria I see you are considering an aga too.
You would have loved my old house!

mrsleroyjethrogibbs Mon 19-Jan-09 11:14:21

lol you are totally right about the clearview staying in over night. You would be hard pushed to get a morso to stay in tbh.
The scan will easily stay in overnight like the clearview and as I say you have the advantage of using normal coal on it too.
HOwever I would look at both if you can and see which you prefer irl as they do style quite differently iyswim

The scan is super in a vaguely modern hom whereas the clearview is a bit more traditional looking.

THe important thing to remember is that as long as it has a airwash system (to keep the glass clear) and it double burns the gasses (like the scan and the better woodburners do anyway) you are on a winner

mrsleroyjethrogibbs Mon 19-Jan-09 11:16:41

btw I am saying this sitting here with my back to the gloriously burning scan

warm and cosy ;)

GrinnyPig Mon 19-Jan-09 11:23:07

sorry, slight hijack here but you all sound so knowledgable about wood burners - and I am not blush

I'd like to replace our living flame gas fire with a wood burner. We have a chimney - but I have no idea whether it needs lined or already is. The house is about 10 years old.

I assume I'd have to get a corgi registered plumber to remove the gas fire and maybe a general builder to remove the (frankly hideous) fire surround and create some sort of opening for the wood burner, but what sort of tradesman would I need to install the wood burner? I know that might be a stupid question but I would be grateful for any advice.

jasper Mon 19-Jan-09 11:30:49

grinnythe shop that sells it will have recommended installers who will give you all the info.

Remember you need a BIG area to store wood /coal if it is to be used a lot, far more that you think.

And check you have a reliable source of coal/wood locally. As mentioned above in some areas supplies of cut dried wood are nil.

jasper Mon 19-Jan-09 11:33:45

my sister has two stoves. A clearview and a fake woodburning stove, run on gas cylinders. The fake looks EXACTLY like a woodburner - black metal, sits out in the room gives off a fantastic heat.

She swears by it!

I am off to start a new thread about them!

mrsleroyjethrogibbs Mon 19-Jan-09 12:17:09

yup wherever you buy your stove from will recommend someone to line your flue as I would doubt that it is lined.
Def go for someone registered to remove your gas fire . YOu can always have the woodburner stand in the room - we do, but bear in mind the hearth needs to be a certain size if you do that. Also if you dont already have one you will need to have an airbrick placed in the room. You might already have one of those because you have gas


GrinnyPig Mon 19-Jan-09 12:46:37

Thanks jasper and mrsleroy. Yes, we do have an airbrick - I suppose that's a start!

Fairly sure logs won't be too much of a problem, I've certainly seen ads locally.

I have the plumber coming round later for something else, so will ask him about the fire and then take it from there.

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