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Difference between MacLaren pushchair ranges?

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mummylonglegs Sat 02-Apr-05 21:22:38

We've had a Triumph for AGES. But now it's truly knackered plus seems very small for dd, 2 1/2 (we can't give up having a buggy altogether yet because we have no car and have long long trecks to make with a small dd who's not the most physical of Little Princesses ). I've been thinking of up-grading to one of the others - Techno or Classic etc. Is there a major difference between them all? Or does anyone know of a good different make of buggy that's comfy for naps if necessary, plus light?

mummylonglegs Sat 02-Apr-05 21:57:06


motherpeculiar Sat 02-Apr-05 22:14:28

sorry I don't have experience with any other than mclaren techno but have always liked it (although it's just bitten the dust now and am actually thinking of a triumph instead funnily enough!) - we had an old version and my only gripe about it was that the brake system was anightmare, so do check that before you buy. I'm sure they must have upgraded it by now...

mummylonglegs Sat 02-Apr-05 22:17:09

The brake's crap in my Triumph. There must be some differences given the quite large difference in prices? I think the seats etc. look more comfy in the techno but can't really work out if there's any difference in size ...

Grizzly Sat 02-Apr-05 22:25:04

Just moved from triumph to techno. The triumph had crap brakes and only one recline position, but otherwise was light, manouevrable and great to use. The techno is a few pounds heavier and a bit bigger to fit in the car, but folds just as easily, looks and feels much more comfortable for DS and is easy to manhandle round the shops with one hand. The shopping basket is bigger and the brakes are great. DS (now 19 months) just looks much more comfortable in it, and I'm hoping he'll be able to drop off to sleep in it when on holiday next week.

babyburps Sat 02-Apr-05 22:28:32

i've been researching buggies so much recently, trawling around shops! techno and classic definately feel weighty, especially if you've been used to a triumph. how about the quest, seems a bit roomier to me? and its about the weight of the triumph. babiesrus have it in denim for 49.00 (sorry no pound sign!) when i looked the other day. try searching the archive for other ideas, some of my old conversations must be on there!

giraffeski Sat 02-Apr-05 22:53:08

Message withdrawn

vickiyumyum Sun 03-Apr-05 13:17:35

just to chuck another option in as maclaren techno is v. expensive. have you considered mamas and papas pulse its like the techno only £89 so almost half the price!

mummylonglegs Sun 03-Apr-05 13:31:28

Thanks everyone. I'll check out the mamas and papas one now.

mummylonglegs Sun 03-Apr-05 13:50:09

I like the look of that Mamas and Papas one. Do you think it would be as good / comfortable as the techno? Dd also wants a black buggy as her favourite colour is black ... (1st 2 1/2 year old goth?!)

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