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Recommend an MP3 player

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laurz75 Sat 17-Jan-09 23:08:55

Have started jogging but need music to accompany me. Want a cheap £20ish mp3. Was looking at the Creative Zen Stone 1gb. Any recommendations?

Furball Sun 18-Jan-09 07:17:54

I have a zen stone and it was very good. I used the running podcasts that was posted here last year. i say was very good, as I have since 'upgraded' to an ipod shuffle (about £30)

I found the zen stone easy to get the podcasts onto - people I know with ipods have struggled. but then I'm not technically minded, other said you have to click the mp4 part on the site????

But when you have finished the programme and you want to put your own stuff on, itunes is soo easy for the shuffle.

Basically - I've not been any help at all, have I? grin but good luck with the running - I still 12 months down the line go out 3 ish times a week.

yousaidit Sun 18-Jan-09 08:06:38

have you looked at the sansa clip by sandisk?

laurz75 Tue 20-Jan-09 07:50:17

Thanks for your advice and good luck message.

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