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Paper Plates - where to buy?

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Nimme Sat 02-Apr-05 08:23:03

Yet another question to the oracle that is Mumsnet:

I am looking for some good quality paper plates (i.e. thick) preferably without tacky patterns. Does anyone know where I can get?

ssd Sat 02-Apr-05 08:31:04

uummm, Lakeland? Or John Lewis?

Nimme Sat 02-Apr-05 08:36:29

I thought lakeland too but no go - will check out John Lewis

Whizzz Sat 02-Apr-05 08:42:38

M&S had some a while back not sure if they were just a Xmas range through (they were plain colours)

crunchie Sat 02-Apr-05 20:45:22

I got some fab gold ones from Woolworths. Or is there a local party shop near you??

kama Sat 02-Apr-05 20:47:10

Message withdrawn

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