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I urge you to buy an E cloth from Lakeland!!

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dropinthe Fri 01-Apr-05 15:22:06

Its bloody brilliant!! Have just cleaned my stainless steel hob and splashback with it-nothing else but water - started off sceptical-it was filthy from a fry up last night-got rid of every last mark,a quick buff and I have never seen it shine so bright!

Kayleigh Fri 01-Apr-05 15:22:59

ooooooh i lurve lakeland

desperatehousewife Fri 01-Apr-05 15:46:22


JoolsToo Fri 01-Apr-05 16:08:56

I'll be getting one of those then! - we have a Lakeland at Windermere

Pinotmum Fri 01-Apr-05 16:14:00

Do the make stainless steel hobs/ovens sparkle without leaving a smudge? I'm off to see the ecloth! Tbh would rather buy something from Boden Clearance Sale but an ecloth will have to my treat.

moondog Fri 01-Apr-05 16:14:38

Wot!! Wot!!! (Moondog skids into the room panting) E cloths!! They are fantastic!! As I type I am looking out of my lovely sparkling windows.
I buy them for all my nearest and dearest.
And soooooo 'right on' as well, which suits my latent hippy tendencies!
(Also fab is that ball that you use to wash cvlothes from lakeland-no detergents needed.)

JoolsToo Fri 01-Apr-05 16:15:43

no detergent?

moondog Fri 01-Apr-05 16:16:07

lol pinotmum!!
I realise long ago that one's expectations and definitions of the word 'treat' dip alarmingly once children are on the scene!

moondog Fri 01-Apr-05 16:18:06

Yes, it's just a ball with little...things in it. Does something to the ions (I'm sure GDG could explain it to you, being a sciencey sort!) which gets the dirt out of your clothes. Amazing and you save a packet as well of course.
Costs about £7 I think, and lasts for ooh..I think they say over 100 washes.

bluebear Fri 01-Apr-05 16:18:09

I got mine from Waitrose - no p+p.

SoupDragon Fri 01-Apr-05 16:19:03

Whilst I'm here, can I recommend the white sponge block that's for removing stains from hard surfaces? Lakeland to one but I got a pack of 2 from Tescos. Worked miracles on the nasty marks on my stupid white sink that even bleach couldn't shift.

Pinotmum Fri 01-Apr-05 16:19:54

I can feel a double treat coming on - an e cloth and a magic ball thingy.

moondog Fri 01-Apr-05 16:19:57

Check sp!!!
(Christ what a sad little woman I am..)

moondog Fri 01-Apr-05 16:20:30

Steady may come over all queer..

Pinotmum Fri 01-Apr-05 16:21:13

Ooh yes please a sponge as well (gets credit card out).

CookieMonster Fri 01-Apr-05 16:21:32

Soupy - what are they called? I've also got a stupid white sink with marks on it bleach won't remove ....

JoolsToo Fri 01-Apr-05 16:24:04

SD - do you mean those Flash blocks that get black marks off woodwork - if not - they're good too

moondog Fri 01-Apr-05 16:24:10

They also do a fantastic white cleaning paste (can't remember what it's called) that gets your pans clean in seconds.

(I used to have dreams...and,and hopes....and aspirations. I was going places!!)

SoupDragon Fri 01-Apr-05 16:24:46

The ones I got were by Spontex but this is the Lakeland equivalent I think.

JoolsToo Fri 01-Apr-05 16:25:07

bloody hell moondog - you're getting orgasmic over cleaning gear!

moondog Fri 01-Apr-05 16:25:42


SoupDragon Fri 01-Apr-05 16:26:24

I was so excited about it I had to phone my mother to recommend it. She was delighted too but I then thught "What depths has my life sunk to? I'm excited about sharing news of a cleaning product with my mother."

marthamoo Fri 01-Apr-05 16:27:35

The white cleaning paste is great for cleaning UPVC window frames too.

I mean, if you had UPVC windows. Which of course I don't. How naff would that be?

<<Phew...narrowly avoided being ostracised on MN then>>>

GeorginaA Fri 01-Apr-05 16:28:03

But do those little no detergent balls really work... honestly and truly? I mean proper rough dirty clothes all sparkly? And do you use fabric softenenr at the same time or what?

marthamoo Fri 01-Apr-05 16:28:55

I really desire an e cloth now - I hate cleaning my hob and oven and bin and microwave - all stainless steel.

Love Lakeland. Love, love, love it.

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