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Where sells superkingsize bedding (apart from Argos)?

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KatyMac Wed 14-Jan-09 15:08:05

Because there isn't much choice at Argos

But I'd rather buy o-line (because I'm lazy)

I'd like very soft bedding - fancy that tee-shirt stuff or brushed cotton or something


PinkTulips Wed 14-Jan-09 15:12:20

e-bay ussually have loads.

not that i have a sk bed... i just lust after one so much i shop for bedding for the bed i don't have yet blush

KatyMac Wed 14-Jan-09 15:15:40

We have a kingsize bed (Dh is 6ft 2) & moved up from an ordinary bed about 2/3 yrs ago - it's fab

But as we always had a K/S on the double we thought we should have a sK/S on the kingsize - I didn't realise how difficult it would be to get bedding

Marthasmama Wed 14-Jan-09 15:19:54

Next do SKS. M&S might do, I think! But it is mighty difficult to get. Especially when you've got an Ikea bed. They seem to use their own measurements!

SwedesInACape Wed 14-Jan-09 15:21:50

M&S, JOhn Lewis, The White Company.

BonsoirAnna Wed 14-Jan-09 15:22:14

White Company.

Mercy Wed 14-Jan-09 15:23:34

Try John Lewis

purplemonkeydishwasher Wed 14-Jan-09 15:23:44

it's very hard to find that soft brushed cotton in that size! if you do find any i want to know where!

bamboobutton Wed 14-Jan-09 15:25:01

debenhams sell it too.

and house of fraser if your feeling swish.

Pinkjenny Wed 14-Jan-09 15:28:03

I want to know too! I'd love some brushed cotton for our bed.

KatyMac Thu 15-Jan-09 07:39:02

Not found any at the cheaper <gulp> places - I guess I have to look at the more expensive ones

whoops Thu 15-Jan-09 07:41:14

Ikea had some years ago when I had a sks bed <<sob sob>>

PortAndLemon Thu 15-Jan-09 07:45:46

Not online, but Matalan do a very limited selection in superkingsize -- AFAICS only in white, though.

purplemonkeydishwasher Thu 15-Jan-09 10:09:54

matalan do the fitted sheets for sure. only in white and cream. they're ok. but just plain cotton sheets.
price is nice though.

TsarChasm Thu 15-Jan-09 10:13:12

La Redoute are excellent for bed linen. They do a big selection of sizes and prices are good too.

McDreamy Thu 15-Jan-09 10:13:24

I have just bought from The WHite Company and John Lewis and didn't pay full price for anything, the sales are pretty good.

Can I just ask though, those of you with super kingsize beds - did you buy bigger pillows or do you use normal size pillows? We've just ordered a new bed!! Sorry for the hijack! blush

Washersaurus Thu 15-Jan-09 10:13:29

I would have thought that Ikea sheets would fit - some of their beds are massive! Their sheets tend to be deeper too.

PortAndLemon Thu 15-Jan-09 10:48:34

We use normal pillows -- mixture of rectangular and square. You do wind up moving them around as you change position, though.

Pinkjenny Thu 15-Jan-09 14:45:41

We use normal pillows.

merlin Mon 19-Jan-09 12:04:52

We have the larger pillows - from John Lewis.b

CioccolataCalda Mon 19-Jan-09 12:05:57

Laura Ashley - in the sale !

Holymoly321 Mon 19-Jan-09 20:14:11

Is there a HomeSense near you? It's the home furnishing side of TKMaxx. They always have fabulous designer bedding in SUperking size - I know because I'm always looking for the double bed size and they never have any! The prices are extremely good too - the stuff is quality!

Metatron Mon 19-Jan-09 20:19:30

we have normal pillows. Try debenhams. i juse got two fab sets 4 pillowcses and a sheet 300 thread count for about £80 reduced from approx £300!

ThingOne Mon 19-Jan-09 20:54:50

We just have our normal pillows on our SKS bed. As we're shot we've kept our KS duvet, with a spare single for one parent when both children get into the bed.

We got our bedding in the John Lewis sale. I was tempted by the free delivery wink.

cerys Mon 19-Jan-09 20:58:31

Dunelm Mill do superkingsize bedding in some ranges.

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