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anyone swapped utilities providers?

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TracyK Fri 01-Apr-05 12:25:57

I had a man from Southern Electric round yesterday talking me into switching from Powergen.
Seems much cheaper and will need to have a look at to make sure there aren't any other cheaper ones out there.
I've got 7 days to change my mind - I need to get my bum in gear and sort it out. But since ds my gas and electric has spiralled.

TracyK Sun 03-Apr-05 15:16:44


JanH Sun 03-Apr-05 15:19:19

I wouldn't switch with a doorstep person because they get commission for everyone who switches and have been known to tell porkies - I'd cancel it and go by uswitch. (But did you complete a Direct Debit? If you did make sure to cancel that too.)

(We have changed but went with one of the green ones - it's no cheaper but makes me feel saintly !)

JanH Sun 03-Apr-05 15:20:39

switch with Which is good.

TracyK Sun 03-Apr-05 15:23:14

thanks JanH - I am going to have a look. I don't doubt that Southern are cheaper than Powergen - but I'm sure there may be cheaper ones to be had.

GeorginaA Sun 03-Apr-05 18:27:44

Absolutely don't go with a doorstepping person. I used to work on the new business side of a major dual fuel supplier (until the bastards made me redundant, but that's another whine!) and we used to have *real trouble* with the doorstep cowboys (work completely on commission basis) - had many many cases where they signed people up without them knowing, gave them misinformation etc.

Agree with checking on

ButtonMoon Sun 03-Apr-05 18:39:09

Another vote for uswitch.....we changed a year ago to scottish power for dual fuel and saved £200 in a year. We keep checking every so often to make sure that we are still getting the best deal. Doorstop salesman do my nut!!!

TracyK Sun 03-Apr-05 18:41:26

I've checked on uswitch and another one - but Southern Electric don't appear on my lists. But when I look at the individual prices on the recommendations - they're more expensive than the Southern Electric??
I presume Southern Electric are kosher?

GeorginaA Sun 03-Apr-05 18:51:37

Well they have a website not that that means they are necessarily legit of course...

GeorginaA Sun 03-Apr-05 18:53:00

The Energy Shop has southern electric listed.

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