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Shopping for Kid's Clothes in London

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Earlybird Fri 01-Apr-05 11:15:03

Allright you savvy London shoppers! It's time for me to venture out to buy dd's spring/summer clothes. I'm fed up with the same old shops - Peter Jones, H&M/Hennes and M&S. Tell me where else I can go that has great clothes for my 4 year old dd.

Would love to hear of any special one off neighborhood shops, or even about chain stores that I perhaps haven't ventured into yet. I'm looking for everything - party dresses, play dresses, trousers, tops, swim costume, shorts/skirts and a lightweight jacket.

Want good quality, but don't want to pay silly prices. I would consider digging deep into the purse for one or two really special things, but generally I'm looking to outfit her for the warmer weather in an affordable manner.

Oh, would also appreciate any secret sources for children's shoes. I went to Peter Jones yesterday, and it was heaving. I can't bear it. There must be a better/easier way.... Help!

stripey Fri 01-Apr-05 11:19:55

Saw in the paper yesterday that Next are having a one day sale I think on Saturday 2 April? Might have some decent stuff there?? (I have boys so not sure about girls clothes).

GhostofNatt Fri 01-Apr-05 11:22:05

Kids Gap do nice but pricey things but tend to have a good sale rail with v significant discounts - always lots of jolly looking girls stuff - I only have boys...

SoupDragon Fri 01-Apr-05 11:23:29

Have you tried Pumpkin Patch? Not looked at the girls' stuff as I have boys but they seem to have a lot of girly things. Reasonable prices and good quality IMO too. Gap can be pretty good as they always have stuff on Sale.

Shoes? I was outside Clarks 5 minutes before it opened the other day. BLiss. Shop to ourselves, severd immediately with loads of shoes bought out for DSs to try on and another member of staff to entertain DS2 whilst DS1 was being seen to.

onlineid Fri 01-Apr-05 11:24:10

Message withdrawn

onlineid Fri 01-Apr-05 11:24:31

Message withdrawn

GhostofNatt Fri 01-Apr-05 11:25:10

Aso shoes - igloo in islington - small but nice selection

Earlybird Fri 01-Apr-05 11:30:58

Yes, I've found Igloo and think it's a great little shop. Got dd's winter coat there, and a spring jumper. They carry a line of clothes I like called "Miniature" (which is I think from Denmark). It can be a bit pricey, but when I see kid's denim skirts in Peter Jones for 30pounds, the Igloo prices suddenly seem reasonable!

Another find is Semmalina on the Pimlico Road - but that is for seriously special stuff, or for those with bulging wallets who don't have to watch the pennies.

GhostofNatt Fri 01-Apr-05 11:36:03

Also pricey designer stuff, some lovely some ott, at Daisy and Tom. Also think you can get some nice basic stuff (at least for boys) at primark...

Earlybird Fri 01-Apr-05 11:51:20

GhostofNatt - personally, I find the stuff at Daisy&Tom to be vastly overpriced for what it is. As I said, I'm willing to spend extra for something special, but draw the line at a 70pound fairly ordinary party dress. Also, I think that shop wins the prize for having the most cramped shopping space - there is no way to look at the girls clothes there without being bumped/jostled....especially as it is directly across from the hair cutting chairs.

See? I can be a real wimp when it comes to fighting the crowds!

GhostofNatt Fri 01-Apr-05 12:15:05

Agree really about Daisy and Tom, sometimes buy something silly for a present for a new baby there and when the boys were tiny the odd Babar thing for them.

Beetroot Fri 01-Apr-05 12:23:01

Message withdrawn

bossykate Fri 01-Apr-05 12:35:22

vertbaudet, la redoute (online or mail order). nearly new sales. monsoon. designers at debenhams. jigsaw junior. zara. petit bateau...

tbh - hennes is my current favourite - ticks all the boxes on quality v. price plus style.

shoes - one small step one giant leap?

junior always carries ads for small independent clothing stores. or alternatively you could look at the time out shopping guide or harden's london baby guide.

Earlybird Fri 01-Apr-05 12:48:38

bossykate - never heard of the shoe store you mention. Where is it?

cod Fri 01-Apr-05 12:49:46

Message withdrawn

Earlybird Fri 01-Apr-05 13:00:26

Cod - just googled, and there's no Pumpkin Patch in London. Requested one of their catalogues, but may be too late for the spring/summer one as they say it's sent in Feb. They promise to send me "next available catalogue".

Is their sizing fairly accurate? I've got a very tall 4 year old, who is wearing mostly clothes for a 5 year old....

welshmum Fri 01-Apr-05 13:31:21

Hello Earlybird (waves)
Jimmy Shoes in Islington is great for girls shoes - they've got a lovely selection at the moment.

Earlybird Fri 01-Apr-05 13:42:23

Hi welshmum! (waves back!) Hope you're feeling well.

Is Jimmy shoes on the Essex Road?

welshmum Fri 01-Apr-05 13:45:18

Yep - we got dd some lovely red t-bars with embroidered flowers last week - I wanted some!
I'm feeling fine - if a little larger than I'd like - baby due in about 8 weeks now.

vickiyumyum Fri 01-Apr-05 18:16:42

hi for girls clothes i think you can't beat monsoon and zara, they sell fantastic stuff and not too expensive either.
for shoes i always take my kids to selfridges as they have such a big range (even though i live in Reading it gives me a good excuse to go on a shopping spree)
next is good for girls as well and certainly cheaper than peter jones.

hana Fri 01-Apr-05 19:36:20

i just got my pumpkin patch catalogue about a week ago

purplelizzy Fri 01-Apr-05 19:49:12

There are loads and loads of funny little shops in Wood Green selling all kinds of babies and kids clothes. I found a whole lot of Osh Kosh in one of them and got some other US made outfits at another.

Also, someone gave us a couple of really cool baby T shirts that rhey said they got from Zara (not sure which branch, sorry). Another friend recently gave me a brilliant baby gro - it's red with a black sparkly skull & crossbones on it - she said she found it at a market stall in Brixton. I have also found some very cute hand made clothes at craft fairs.

bossykate Fri 01-Apr-05 20:51:52

earlybird, one small step one giant leap

bossykate Fri 01-Apr-05 20:56:10

it seems as though you are in n. london, however, northcote rd sw11 (clapham junction) might be worth a look for you. as well as one small step there is a petit bateau, jjmmbb, and two/three independent kids clothing shops. white stuff, kew and fat face for grown ups. organic supermarket, butcher, fishmonger, italian deli, fromagerie, antiques, market with flowers, breads pastries etc.

i can while away some time there anyway!

Earlybird Mon 04-Apr-05 12:56:37

bossykate - thanks for the tips. That shoe store looks great, and I'm happy to see they're expanding the chain.

Not in North London (actually in SW1), but my routine doesn't take me south of the river very often. Northcote Road sounds a good source though, so I may go on an expedition soon.

Anyone else? Though the need for spring/summer clothes feels less urgent now with this week's weather forecast.....

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