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How much should I ask for it?

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katmam Tue 25-Mar-03 12:27:34

I've got a Graco travel system lying in the garage gathering dust - well, the pushchair is! (I won't sell the carseat as I use it at the moment, and also won't sell/give it to someone I don't know.)

It's a nice-looking pushchair in good condition - the only thing wrong with it is a slight scratch on the plastic child's tray and slightly faded material. It's got cosytoes, raincover and the full instruction booklet. We paid £250 (inc. raincover) for it about 2 years ago. How much do you think I should ask for it now?

bluestar Tue 25-Mar-03 12:34:45

Try having a look on as they sell these items and you may be able to get an idea of what price they go for. Also scour the free ads in newspapers.

Rhiannon Tue 25-Mar-03 16:45:50

The only problem is pushchairs seem to get cheaper these days. I don't think you're likely to get more than £50 for it unfortunately. Good luck, let us know how you get on.

Chinchilla Tue 25-Mar-03 20:39:53

We tried to sell our Graco 3-in-1 at several places...not a sniff, even at £40. I think that they are so 'cheap' compared to other brands that people would rather buy a new one. I hope that you have more luck than I did. Ours is now festering in the loft!

katmam Thu 27-Mar-03 11:45:12

Thanks - found the local freead paper online and will put advert in there. Failing that, a friend has just given me info on a car boot sale type event, mainly for baby equipment, in May - how handy is that? Hopefully I'll get a taker. I was thinking about asking £50-£70 for it anyway, because, as you say, the price of pushchairs seems to be getting cheaper and there's more of a choice too. Fingers crossed I'll get rid of it somehow!!

inga Mon 31-Mar-03 21:03:16

Katman, don't know where you are, but my local NCT does sales every 3 months. There you can flog everything from travel systems to sterilisers to unused breastfeeding pads. I'm hoping to sell my Graco Denver Travel system, so PLEASE let me know what you get for yours (mine is 1 year old and in tip-top shape).
Good luck!

inga Tue 01-Apr-03 20:01:54

Katman, I take that back, just found out that NCT won't allow buggies and electrical equipment at their sales!!!! Sorry.

SoupDragon Tue 01-Apr-03 20:34:05

The NCT will sell buggies but not car seats (so you have to advertise the carseat part of a travel system as being "available separately, please contact XXXXXXX". Buggies, pushchairs and other "wheeled conveyances" need to have the proper BS number stamped on it, some other wording I can't rememebr AND have the original instructions.

But you're right, they can't sell electrical stuff.

Rhiannon Tue 01-Apr-03 20:58:01

Spoupdragon, which branch are you in?

SoupDragon Tue 01-Apr-03 21:02:54

Message withdrawn

sb34 Tue 01-Apr-03 21:35:21

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Tue 01-Apr-03 22:05:07

Oh yes, the stomping could be heard for miles around

inga Wed 02-Apr-03 20:04:55

Thanks for that Soupdragon, I don't think all the NCT sales are uniform, although I haven't asked my local, Clapham, I know one of the others (Chichester?) doesn't do buggies or car seats. Thanks for the tip, I shall make further enquiries.
SB34, glad to hear you got a good deal-hoping to get the same!

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