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ELC Snow queen palace - anyone else think it is expensive rubbish?

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TheYearOfTheCat Sat 10-Jan-09 12:20:34

I got my DD this for Christmas, and it is hopeless! It just falls apart if you so much as look at it. Has anyone else got it? I am tempted to glue the whole thing together.

idobelieveinfairies Sat 10-Jan-09 12:23:04

Oh no! i almost bought it but then went with the rosebud cottage..which she dosen't play with...but its ok as her twin brother loves it smile

What is it made out of?
Maybe you should e-mail ELC and tell them how dissapointed you are with it.

Oovavu Sat 10-Jan-09 12:27:33

The reviews on the website are all pretty scathing... I would defo complain at the shop and take it all back, asking for a refund or voucher or whatever. If no joy there, make an official complaint (with reference ot the other reviews) and see what happens. If it's not 'fit for purpose' then you can get money back <spot who's been off sick this week watching the consumer guide on This Morning!>.

TheYearOfTheCat Sat 10-Jan-09 12:30:57

It is made out of painted wood, which all slots together like a 3d jigsaw, but the joints are all so wide, that ut just falls apart in seconds.

piximon Sat 10-Jan-09 12:31:50

My dd1 is desperate for this, she gazes in adoration every time she sees it in the catalogue. Terrible that it's made so badly, although saying that I've read quite a few elc things fall apart if you look at them.

PortAndLemon Sat 10-Jan-09 12:32:17

I very much doubt it's worth full price. It's the same as the "Tower of Doom", just painted differently, and while DS wants that more than anything in the world I wasn't paying £75 (or even the £60 they reduced it to). I got a second hand one on eBay for £27, which I think is more like it.

sb6699 Sat 10-Jan-09 12:46:12

My dd wanted one for christmas but I flat out refused at that price. Looked lovely in the catalogue but when I saw it in the shop it just looked like a bit of painted wood.

Luckily she saw a Cinderella castle which she saw on Amazon for £40 and ended up getting it at our market for £20. It was just plastic but didn't mind given the price. She loves it.

TheYearOfTheCat Sat 10-Jan-09 22:01:04

ok - I have decided to bring this back and complain. Has anyone any ideas for good substitute?

TheYearOfTheCat Wed 14-Jan-09 13:54:19

I brought the palace back to the shop. I have to say, ELC's returns policy is very good - there was no problem returning it, even though I didn't have the box anymore.

When I told them the problem, they didn't really accept it was a design flaw, but said that my particular castle must have been faulty. Any way, I got a refund.

I have just ordered this castle from the Disney store. It's a pretty good price.

What I really wanted, was this fab one but it is a little too expensive.

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