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Q about the Phil & Teds

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MumTo3Boyz Fri 09-Jan-09 14:15:43

Im due our 4th baby in 10 weeks time and we already have a Phil & Teds Sport which I bought in May for ds3.

I know that P&T dont recommend that you use a car seat whist the pushchair is being used as a double but I have seen people using it with a car seat and its looked fine (Im assume its not recommended because of a tipping hazard?)

Does anyone use it as a double with a car seat? If so which car seat do you use- the Maxi Cosi or the one P&T recommend?

Thanks for any advice

PuzzleRocks Fri 09-Jan-09 16:11:44

Bumping for you.

MumTo3Boyz Sun 11-Jan-09 10:36:12


differentID Sun 11-Jan-09 10:42:05

It's only suitable for use with a car seat really for twins where one baby is in the car seat and the other is lying flat in the seat. YOu won't be able to use it as a double with a car seat on it for a toddler and baby.
In answer to your question, Maxi cosi adaptors are around about £22 and Maxi Cosi car seats are readily available

MumTo3Boyz Sun 11-Jan-09 16:42:08

Thanks for your reply.
Ive seen quite a few people using a car seat with a toddler in the bottom and its looked perfectly safe. Just wondered what other people though that used it this way.

I live about 1-2 miles away from Kiddicare who sell the adaptors etc too

wellbalanced Mon 12-Jan-09 10:05:49

My friend used hers as a double with maxi cosi on top and toddler seat on back (with 2.5yr old in), I know you are not supposed to but it did look safe or she wouldnt have used it.
I couldnt imagine using it with flat seat...

MumTo3Boyz Tue 13-Jan-09 10:02:24

Thanks for that. My ds3 will be 2 on Sunday and baby is due in March. Hes not particularly big for his age so hopefully it would be ok.

We are going to see if we can fit the car seat in the back of the car first before we decide on buying one

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