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Ringtones - where do you get them from

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golds Wed 30-Mar-05 18:12:17

Am worried about getting different ringtones for my new mobile as I am not sure where to get them from. Also concerned I might get into some sort of agreement and it could end up costing me.

Where do I go to get a ring tone with a one off charge

Thanks in advance

chipmonkey Wed 30-Mar-05 18:21:53

You can get them from but for some reason they kept sending me annoying texts afterwards, think I signed up to a 'club' by mistake.

golds Wed 30-Mar-05 18:24:45

Ive looked on that site, I found one I liked. I just want to buy one and not get any hassle from them, I suppose if I'm careful not to join up to anything, I'm sure it will be OK.

sparklymieow Wed 30-Mar-05 18:25:56

I think Jamster sent a ringtone a week, be careful!

golds Wed 30-Mar-05 18:28:55

Thats what bothers me, my new phone is contract, so if I keep getting charges slapped on I will not be able to control it, or indeed know about it until the bill comes in.

swiperfox Wed 30-Mar-05 19:05:24

Be careful - dp got one from monstermob or jamster - cant remember which and he gets sent loads of browser messages that open themselves and charge a lot of money for. It doesnt say who they come from so we dont know how to stop them

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