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Pushchair thread January - Part three

(86 Posts)
Theirmum Thu 08-Jan-09 21:23:21

Sorry girls I couldnt help myself hopefully we will leave the bad smell over on the last one

faraplus3 Thu 08-Jan-09 21:30:22

here we go again lol

Alambil Thu 08-Jan-09 21:30:36

bad smell? FFS!

faraplus3 Thu 08-Jan-09 21:31:20

so if i ever manage to sell my bee what is the best rear facing pushchair? suitable for my almost 1yr old ds

Alambil Thu 08-Jan-09 21:32:14

Where can I get a Bertini stockist in SE England?

They seem to not be stocked widely over here... anyone know?

krysybell Thu 08-Jan-09 21:32:36

how mcuh are you after for your bee hun? x

faraplus3 Thu 08-Jan-09 21:34:05

£250ono if hood rods ever arrive still waiting on mothercare.

krysybell Thu 08-Jan-09 21:34:49

ooh what colour is it hun as i am very interested. grin

Theirmum Thu 08-Jan-09 21:35:37

I cant help myself I keep going back and having a go and I am meant to be working i have a client picking up her stuff at 9.30 tomorrow and I have only just started it shit! right i am off hope it carms down will check in later

faraplus3 Thu 08-Jan-09 21:37:39

it will be yellow if the parts come!! havent done pics as nothing to do pics of as at the moment its a hoodless bee!!

lillypie Thu 08-Jan-09 21:39:13

AH I knew I would find you here smile

nicolamumof3 Thu 08-Jan-09 21:57:19

i feel so upset over those other posts is this what mumsnet is about?? it makes me not want to come back here, so how the hell must babyjj be feeling. whatever her issues are, that is a private matter. and the other thing is nothing to do with anyone else. im a sooooo mad that people can be so downright rude and hurtful.

MrsMagooo Thu 08-Jan-09 22:01:09

I cannot stand the <<whispers>> "pram hun" term - makes me feel sick

sal1309 Thu 08-Jan-09 22:10:39

hi all thanks for telling me where you were lol

well i didnt realise how much had gone on recently and yes im suprised and im in the same vote as nicola i feel as though i should take a break till it calms down as i cant be doing with it. Its nothing to do with me tbh.

carrielou2007 Thu 08-Jan-09 22:13:09

Thank goodness - civilised pushchair chat!

Diva0507 Thu 08-Jan-09 22:19:54

New shiny thread! Well, i want to say what ever Bjjb done is morally wrong. I really hope she apologizes properly to people upset by this. I know some of you know her more than i know her. Whatever she likes prams, teddies is her business.
Im annoyed by other posters who invaded the last thread and called us different names. Believe me i have been here since dd was born, they always attack posters who regularly use for sale board. As long as MNHQ keep classified, they can bugger off. Tbh, some people starve for fame on MN, they just using they one night fame to get some attention.
Hope i did not offend any of you lovely ladies. Im off to bed, hope dd sleeps tonight. Night, nite.

lillypie Thu 08-Jan-09 22:21:05

Hey carrielou you made it glad you got the payment ok, any time on Sunday is fine smile

faraplus3 Thu 08-Jan-09 22:29:12

i think everyone has gone to have extra large very strong drink!!
no-one even answered about my rear facing single im feeling very sad that no-one wants to help fulfil(sp?) my pram dreams

nicolamumof3 Thu 08-Jan-09 22:29:25

me too, this really has upset me, why are we all being attacked now??

sal1309 Thu 08-Jan-09 22:32:07

right fara rear facing singles loved my buzz icandy was nice but not for me didnt like the way it collapsed. Hated my loola. cant think of any others lol

nicola i know how you feel i know it may sound awful but i dont like being attacked when ive done nothing wrong iykwim.

nicolamumof3 Thu 08-Jan-09 22:34:09

lol fara, i would like to see those new 2009 first wheels, do you remember you linked to them a while back they were lovely colours!

Fara must get your gloves when do you come near station?

sal1309 Thu 08-Jan-09 22:34:15

lewisfan i think bertini are part of dorel so you could probably try contacting them direct for parts ect might be worth a try hth

lillypie Thu 08-Jan-09 22:40:30

Nicola don't be upset by them it's a pack mentality.That horrible thread has gone now.

The stragglers are floundering in Part 2

nicolamumof3 Thu 08-Jan-09 22:46:01

how do you report a thread tho? i think the pushchair chat part two needs pulling but then they will just come on here won't they, don't they have anything else to do????

lillypie Thu 08-Jan-09 22:48:40

I've done it just picked one particularly spiteful post and then complained about the whole thing.

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