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Nintendo DS games for 6 year old boy

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MummyDoIt Thu 08-Jan-09 11:21:29

Can anyone recommend one? The DS is mine but I thought it was about time I started sharing and let DS1 have a game of his own. Ideally it should be something that needs no parental help as I'd like him to use it on long car journeys when I'm driving and won't be able to help him.

Buda Thu 08-Jan-09 11:24:17

DS liked Ben10 also any of the Lego ones - Star Wars, Batman, Iniana Jones. Loves Fifa 09. Has one now that you run your own zoo - he and DH fight over it and now DS wants Daddy to get his own DS!

scampadoodle Thu 08-Jan-09 11:27:49

DS1 (7) loves Mario Kart & Mario Party. Took him a little while to get the hang of them though so don't expect your 6yo to be playing for hours by himself straight off!

MummyDoIt Thu 08-Jan-09 11:29:50

The Ben 10 one I was considering as he loves that. Is that easy to pick up? The Mario ones could also be good too, though I guess I'd have to help him get the hang of it before I expected him to occupy himself on a three hour drive!

Tamarto Thu 08-Jan-09 11:33:28

super mario, mario kart, mario party, see a theme here wink

Buda Thu 08-Jan-09 11:33:38

The Ben10 one was fairly easy I think.

We don't have any of the Mario ones.

TsarChasm Thu 08-Jan-09 11:34:54

Ds is 7 and had a ds for Christmas. He loves Mario Cart and got the hang of it straight away. It's also a multiplayer game too which is fun.

morethanyoubargainfor Thu 08-Jan-09 11:38:54

my Ds is 6, he can't manage the ben10 one, or satr wars or lego type ones. He loves his supermario one, it the original one. He also loves super monkey ball touch and roll and mario olympics. He does play others but does need a little help at times.

The ones listed he does completly independdenlty.

WilyWombat Thu 08-Jan-09 11:40:26

The children love the ben 10 one.

Barnyard Games has been popular and Rayman Ravin Rabbids 2

All loved by my 5 year old and 7 year old.

Lilyloo Thu 08-Jan-09 11:42:43

my ds 6 plays ben 10 , lego star wars and indiana jones and mario kart the most!

MummyDoIt Thu 08-Jan-09 12:56:15

I might try a Mario one to start with, then, and see how he goes with that. Thanks for the tips!

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