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Has anyone bought anything from

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extremelychocolateymilkroll Mon 05-Jan-09 22:32:29

Have seen one bad review and was wondering if anyone else had had a bad experience with them? TIA

PortAndLemon Mon 05-Jan-09 22:38:25

I've ordered from them a couple of times with no problems.

EldonAve Tue 06-Jan-09 11:03:06

I've used them, although it was a while back
no issues

weddingcake Tue 06-Jan-09 11:20:28

I used them around last Easter to buy a stairgate and they were excellent.

NewToThis99 Mon 20-Aug-18 14:02:47

Just to add on here as I am in the midst of struggling with them to either get my product (2 months later) or a refund. Absolutely awful customer services, watch out !

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