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Good customer service - worth shouting about

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fisil Tue 29-Mar-05 17:29:28

I dealt with three shops today.

My newsagent was lovely and chatty as ever, even though I hadn't paid my paper bill since December.

The chap in Boots was very helpful about booking my TENs machine.

The ready bed I'd ordered from Boots online on Thursday arrived, but made a hissing sound when I tried to inflate it. So I called customer services and explained we're going away on Thursday. She checked all my local stores to see if I could pick one up quickly, then arranged for a priority delivery for Thursday a.m. and pick up for the faulty goods.

I love good customer service!

Jbck Tue 29-Mar-05 20:54:27

I emailed Bodum head office about a salt mill I'd bought in January last year as it's been faulty for months & now won't work at all. I only wanted to know if I could get replacement screw bit. Without question they're sending me a new one! It's good when someone makes the effort but sadly all too rare.

Dahlia Tue 29-Mar-05 20:55:27

Boots are always fab. One of the best shops around for customer care I reckon. (Hi Fisil!)

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Tue 29-Mar-05 20:58:26

brabantia are also brilliant. When the bin lid stopped working I emailed them. They replied almost immediately apologising for the fault and posted a new one out to me. It arrived within a week!

KristinaM Tue 29-Mar-05 22:36:41

So are lakeland.

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