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Toddler wrist strap

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lecohen Mon 05-Jan-09 12:02:27


Can anyone recommend a good wrist strap for a disobedient toddler lol

I bought a couple from ebay but they were useless.

If anyone here has any to part with as well, I would be interested.

Thanks in advance

LiberalIdleOlogy Mon 05-Jan-09 12:11:10

I really don't like them because if the child trips one of their hands is prevented from being put out the save them. (DS took the skin off his nose within 5 minutes of using one). Much prefer traditional reigns or this: LittleLife backpack which has a strap or 'grab handle'.

Flibbertyjibbet Mon 05-Jan-09 12:21:04

Yes I also think that wrist straps restrict the childs movement.
DS1 was 16m and a good walker when ds2 was born, i used reins which let him use his hands and arms as he wanted, ie to hold on the pram or hold a toy, whilst letting me keep control of him and also helped to stop him falling.
I have two pairs of reins both unisex, the clippasafe type you can have for £1 each plus p&p at cost which won't be much.
We also had a little life backpack which was expensive (compared to reins) but fab as you can clip or unclip the 'rein' easily.
If you are interested in the reins please email on legoates @ tiscali. co .uk

PavlovtheCat Mon 05-Jan-09 12:24:29

I have a little horse backback thing, cute and fluffy and sits over DDs shoulder, she can put a couple of toys in it and it clips on it two places at the front.

And it just so happens to have a 'tail' which we can hold on to when she is walking. It does not restrict her in anyway, and can unclip easily if she does not need to be kept an eye on so closely.

We found this absolutely invaluable at the airport over christmas when she desperately wanted to explore and we did not want her in her pushchair too long (sitting down enough on flight). She was able to wander a little with out guidance, and she did not fight it.

DH bought it, not sure what it is called, and it is in the car, let me search for it.

PavlovtheCat Mon 05-Jan-09 12:29:48

like this

lecohen Mon 05-Jan-09 15:24:47

Thanks all for your responses...maybe I will rethink a wrist strap, I did have my own reservations too.

I have a Tommee Tippee harness but too difficult to put on over a large coat so maybe will get a different one.

I think ideally I would like something that goes around my dd's waist, I did see something but not 100% suitable:

Flibberty, do you have pics by any chance of what you have? I know you are not asking for much but just don't want them lying around if not what I want.

Many thanks,

Flibbertyjibbet Mon 05-Jan-09 16:08:36

this one is one of them, he other is the same style but green/black sort of pattern in the weave.
Thb sounds like the one you already have thats hard to put on over a coat.
Won't be offended if you don't want it.
Have to leave mumsnet now till tomorrow afternoon.

georgiemum Mon 05-Jan-09 16:11:45

Be prepared for all the tut-tutters if you harness the child!

I did try one with DS but he cottoned on very quickly that he could twist around, run around me, dive behind lamp posts, get tangled up in dog leads, etc. I gave up but realised that the threat to 'put him on a doggy lead' worked just as well.

Flibbertyjibbet Mon 05-Jan-09 16:47:36

With a 16m old that wanted to walk and a baby in the pram I didn't have much choice. ANd for every tut-tutter there were 10 people commenting on how cute he was and my other lovely baby.
If we worried about tut tutters as mothers we would never leave the house smile

georgiemum Mon 05-Jan-09 16:59:51

I think kids look sweet with them. When I had the tut-tutters I just asked them if they'd prefer seeing children running into the road?

I did hear the comment (not a comment to me but to another mum) from an American lady that it was against the childs' human rights and was demeaning to have them 'on a lead'. Duh.

alicecrail Mon 05-Jan-09 17:18:16

My dd is just learning to walk and i want to get some kind of harness for the summer. Are the Tommee Tippee ones the best or the ruck sack? Is one better early on? You all seem to have experience so would be appreciated. (sorry for hijacking, but was looking for any thread with child restraining methods grin)

Flibbertyjibbet Tue 06-Jan-09 11:11:07

The tommee tippee ones go around the childs body, over the shoulders, and the reins bit/s is/are attached just about under the childs arms or under the shoulder blades.
The rucksack one has shoulder and chest bands but the 'lead' is attached by a hook at the top of the rucksack.
I found the tommee tippee ones best while learning to walk and then the rucksack one just to give them guidance and stop them going in the road etc.

A lot depends on the child. I used reins for a child who wanted to walk but too young to have any road sense.
With ds2 we hardly used reins, more the rucksack and holding hands as I didn't have a younger child in a pram, and ds1 was old enough to know road sense.

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