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amI the only person with a bonkers bra size?

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Sorrel Tue 29-Mar-05 14:37:10

Have just been measured for a bra and she has worked out i am a 46AA. I just started laughing. M ans S don't have anything in that size. Am I condemned to a life in industrial looking manmade fibre? Silly old bint started telling me off for wearing a 38B!( pre-IVF drugs size)So pi*d off.

flamesparrow Tue 29-Mar-05 14:40:10

I knew a 42A at one point, but she wasn't interested in anything pretty and liked the industrial look... I'll do a hunt online for you. My own boobies cause me enough issues so I willingly help anyone else!


hunkermunker Tue 29-Mar-05 14:42:25

I have the opposite problem - I'm a 32G and nursing bras quite helpfully often start at 34 and go up to DD. Actually, not just nursing bras, but it's been a while since I wore anything else - lol!

Sorrel Tue 29-Mar-05 14:48:08

Thanks flamesparrow , let me know if you find anything that doesn't look like it came from the ship yard.
HM bizarrely my sister pre-babies was that size, but she lived in america and they have every size imaginable there.

hunkermunker Tue 29-Mar-05 14:53:24

Yes, I've seen some bras on US websites that I like the look of, but what if they're not comfy? I can't buy anything without trying it on - I have no clue what size/shape my body is (I know some people just go into shops, pick clothes out and take them home, but I'm not one of 'em!). Will stick to my comfy Bravado ones I think - I look a bit like I have a shelf, but DS doesn't mind

Titania Tue 29-Mar-05 14:57:52

i cant stand M&S and never trust them with measuring my bra size. They told me for years I was a 38C. They were never comfortable but I thought I just had to put up with it. It was only when I went to a proper lingerie shop (armed with a deadly credit card!!!) that I actually found I was a 36DD! The woman spent ages making sure I had a correct fit and was telling me what to look for. I have never looked back and I always go to that shop now and feel very comfortable wearing bras now.

flamesparrow Tue 29-Mar-05 15:01:45

I know I don't fit with measuring - I have a narrow back which ends up making my Es show up as a B or C

hunkermunker Tue 29-Mar-05 15:02:33

FS, exactly the same as me. My back is very narrow, but my boobs are anything but!!

NomDePlume Tue 29-Mar-05 15:03:26

hunkermunker - me too. 32F at last measure

hunkermunker Tue 29-Mar-05 15:05:09

I'm just spittingly jealous of anyone who can go braless. I'd have to kick mine along in front of me if I did that [wry grin]

flamesparrow Tue 29-Mar-05 15:07:31

Me too - we've had me sobbing in bra shops and dress shops lately (still not accepted that they are here to stay) about sod all pretty bras, and that most summer clothes have made me name this summer as "Ze Summer of Ze small boobies!"

hunkermunker Tue 29-Mar-05 15:09:00

Not again, FS - surely it was that style last summer (and the one before it, ad infinitum )

susanita Tue 29-Mar-05 15:14:30

Hi Sorrel
Been a long time since I've posted on Mumsnet but after 2 children, I've got awkward size breasts and I know how difficult it is to find bras. You could have a look at I've not tried them and they don't say anything about returns policy on their site but you could contact them. They do appear to do 46aa - even 48aa.
Hope you have some luck.

starlover Tue 29-Mar-05 15:14:59

figleaves have some nice bras in bigger sizes...
not maternity ones though

ark Tue 29-Mar-05 15:15:29

Hi Sorrel

Have you tried Bravissimo? I know they specialise in bigger sizes. I don't trust M & S measuring - they tell me something different every time! At Bravissimo they don't actually measure you they fit the bras to you - very liberating! I don't know if they do your size but always worth a look, they are really helpful, might be able to pint you in the right direction at very least?

flamesparrow Tue 29-Mar-05 15:15:45

Alas, women needing to wear clothes with straps and backs that conceal bras are not allowed to have a summer. I think we should start a new fashion wearing all the skimpy tops we like with our hammock sized bras bared to the world

And Sorrel... I'm now close to tears for you. I can't find anything. Loads of sites that let me look for your size, but then they all say that nothing was found!!!

flamesparrow Tue 29-Mar-05 15:16:36

Bravissimo are only for big cups...

fastasleep Tue 29-Mar-05 15:17:10

I'm only 18 and I'm a size 12 with...with...36G boobs 36 G!!!!! They're so heavy they hurt! And my milk hasn't even come in this time yet!! I'd rather be an AA

ark Tue 29-Mar-05 15:17:44

I should say re M & s they thought I was a 36B but I am actually 32 F - I walk around very differently now I have a decent bra!

flamesparrow Tue 29-Mar-05 15:20:08

I'm convinced that the perfect size is a 34C

You can still get strappless jobs that size that stay up, you have a cleavage, and they still come in all the pretty styles.

ark Tue 29-Mar-05 15:20:36

Will keep looking, sorry bravissimo don't do sizes for you.

Sponge Tue 29-Mar-05 15:20:38

I'd get re-measured to be on the safe side.
I suppose the only good news is that you can probably get away with going without one sometimes?

ark Tue 29-Mar-05 15:31:45

There do seem to be some companies in the US that do them not very pretty but something that fits has to be better then nothing that does! Only one other suggestion is Rigby & Peller - they do made to measure bras - start allarmingly at £215 but also lots of different sizes and they offer alterations. It makes me so angry how much bras cost and they are based in London, they do have a website - google it.

Sorrel Tue 29-Mar-05 16:52:55

So glad i am NOT ALONE!!! Sadly went onto a couple of websites that have an automated bra measuring system(!) and the size 46AA seems to be right.Could probably get away with a 46A but that is just as hard to find.I mean i am not a small girl , but i am not like the hunchfront of Notre Dame. Will check out Rigby and Peller-they made one for Jo Brand on trinny and Susanna. Oh God ! Can't wait to tell DH I have spent the holiday budget on a boulder holder.

Sorrel Tue 29-Mar-05 17:16:49

Rigby and pellar have nothing in my size- will try the envie4 one -thanks ark. the very idea of going out without a bra makes me want to weep or LOL not sure as i am now bordering hysteria.

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