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QVC - have you had any purchases you are really pleased with from QVC? Which ones?

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Podrick Fri 02-Jan-09 09:20:02

I have never bought from QVC or a television channel as I am suspicious of them! Am I missing out?

sweetie66 Fri 02-Jan-09 14:12:09

Hi Podrick, Ok I will admit I buy lots from QVC!!!!! I always buy the birkenstocks as they are cheaper than the stores and they often have exclusive designs. I also have some jewellery from them which I have had valued at much more than I paid for it. I also have bought the silicon bakeware, oh and the Butler and Wilson jewellery and handbags. Haven't really bought clothes from them. Always found quality excellent, price very competitive (although remember to add the postage) and delivery fast. I would definitely go ahead and give them a go and yes you are missing out! PS blimey when I read this back I look like I am addicted to them!

BALD Fri 02-Jan-09 14:16:38

QVC very reputable and reliable, the skin care and cosmetics ranges they carry are super.

They have a 30 day money back guarantee too.

Have you had a look at their website??

<<hides QVC habit behind back>>

mrsmaidamess Fri 02-Jan-09 14:22:38

I lOVE QVC! Much to dh's hilarity. But I find watching it soothing...and I love the make up, but can't stand Alison whatserface with the sqawking voice.

I have bought a necklace, made of (arf) Diamonique. But it was my initial, on a gorgeous chain. i also bought some pies for my Dad for his birthday, and they were amazing, according to him.

No other shop has that try it, and return it policy.
Oh, adn I bought some very cheap Burts Bees stuff from the chavvy price drop TV too.

mrsmaidamess Fri 02-Jan-09 14:23:16

Oh god I've just read that back...Diamonique...and Pies......

Podrick Fri 02-Jan-09 14:28:26

I was tempted by the silicon bakeware actually - does it have metal rims to make it more rigid when you take it out of the oven? The more expensive silicon stuff I have has this and it is easier to use!

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