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M&S walkmates shoes.....

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npg1 Thu 01-Jan-09 23:12:12

Just looked on their website and seen these shoes. My DD was measured last week and needs new shoes, 7E but clarks here is so rubbish they had 1 pair of awful shoes in her size. I also tried an independant shoe shop but didnt really like anything in there. Just saw these. Reasonably priced but not sure?

MintChocAddict Thu 01-Jan-09 23:14:11

Snap npg1! Spotted them too.
Watching with interest for a review. smile

thisisyesterday Thu 01-Jan-09 23:15:24

the only thing you mighjt bneed to be careful about is that your DD is quite narrow.
shops that sell just one width of shoe are going to sell it in an "average" width (f/g) and so you may find that they are too wide for her.

try start rite. they tend to come up shallower, and they often have a lot more styyles in narrower widths

npg1 Thu 01-Jan-09 23:18:29

ok thanks. We dont have a start rite around here, the independant shoe shop I went to only had 1 pair of start rites in her size and I didnt like them!

Carameli Mon 17-Aug-09 16:48:44

bumping this to see if anyone else has any experience of them?

DS was measured as startrite 7.5E but also rubbish selection and not too impressed by the online ones either.
Has anyone had these?

horseymum Tue 06-Oct-09 20:22:36

just seen these too. ds is an f i think - he has ones from an independent shop that don't have a width but they try on lots to get a good fit. these seem a bit nier than clarks and cheaper than indepentant ones.

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