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lPlease help I need long sleeve body suits

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lisa34 Mon 28-Mar-05 14:42:32

Does anyone know where I can get long sleeve body suits for my 2 year old - he has grown out of his 18 - 24 months. He likes to suck on the sleeve arm when he is going to sleep - this is his substitute for a dummy..... please help!!!!!

Socci Mon 28-Mar-05 14:45:53

Message withdrawn

TracyK Mon 28-Mar-05 14:46:12

does he have to wear the whole bodysuit -or could you just cut off a sleeve and attach it to new pjs?

WigWamBam Mon 28-Mar-05 14:46:56

Have you tried H&M? They used to do them above age 2.

lisa34 Mon 28-Mar-05 14:49:57

We don't have a Gymboree in Leeds I'm sure but I will definately try H&M in Leeds thanks very much.

Spacecadet Mon 28-Mar-05 15:03:03

I have seen them in Marks and spencers, H and M and also, vertbaudet catalogue, jjomamambebe and blooming marvellous in the past, I think La redoute may do them as well, you dont have to order the catalogue, you can order online.

mummylonglegs Mon 28-Mar-05 15:22:12

H&M don't go up to two-year-olds in long-sleeve body suits, nor do Mothercare. I think Gymboree might and I'm sure Petit Bateau do although they're bloody expensive.

Incidentally, can't he suck on a long sleeved t-shirt or pajama top just as well?

mummylonglegs Mon 28-Mar-05 15:23:00

I mean don't go beyond age 2, not up to.

lisa34 Mon 28-Mar-05 15:46:51

I 'll have a look on-line thanks - unfortunately they do have to be long sleeve body suits he knows the difference - I have tried long sleeve pj's and t-shirts but it just not the same ... if all else fails I will just cut the bottom of the body suit and let his wear the top bit - he'll probably be wearing them til the sleeves are up to his elbows .

SoupDragon Mon 28-Mar-05 15:52:43

Didn't all the Gymboree shops shut down?

lisa34 Mon 28-Mar-05 16:05:53

I've never heard of them

starlover Mon 28-Mar-05 17:34:05

there are some here) and ink{,1170,,00.htmlhere

and \link{\here)

starlover Mon 28-Mar-05 17:35:24

oh dear... that went a bit wrong!
Let's try again:


and here

fuzzywuzzy Mon 28-Mar-05 17:41:50

If you quote 1020 you'll get 15% off your first and third item and a rubbish free gift. Hth

Christie Tue 29-Mar-05 16:03:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sallie Tue 29-Mar-05 16:48:28

How about M&S?

bundle Tue 29-Mar-05 16:49:24

my long sleeve ones were from m&s and john lewis, the JL ones were a finer, much softer cotton

Catilla Thu 31-Mar-05 12:35:38

Bump to 3 are selling some to go with their grobags. Not sure what the max size is though

IreneM Thu 31-Mar-05 16:47:36

Tesco - 3 for £2.50 - good quality too

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