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Anyone seen any Food Processors at bargain prices in the sales?

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JellycatShopkeeper Tue 30-Dec-08 22:35:34

Any recommendations?

I'm going google-crazy.

Pria Tue 30-Dec-08 23:55:29

Try Currys they have 60% off Kenwood Chefs, not just the cheapo plastic tat!

JellycatShopkeeper Wed 31-Dec-08 11:08:37

ooh, thanks Pria smile

extremelychocolateymilkroll Wed 31-Dec-08 12:22:41

Don't know if this is what you had in mind but I have a similar one and use it all the time.

bigTillyMint Wed 31-Dec-08 12:25:01

I got a kenwood half price in Sainsbos

giantsantasacks Thu 01-Jan-09 19:45:54

I got a kenwood one reduced from 100quid to 49 in robert dyas...

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