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Anyone got the little wooden trike and trailer from Early Learning Centre, just got a question.

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CharCharGaboriaInExcelsisDeo Mon 29-Dec-08 18:32:20

My mum's just bought it for DD for Christmas and I have put it up this afternoon (amidst much swearing!). The problem is it seems a bit wobbly. Has anyone else had this problem? I think the little caps on the ends of the wheels might need bashing in a bit more, but not sure. It took me that long to get the blardy things in, I'm not keen on messing with them if that's not the problem. TIA smile

piximon Mon 29-Dec-08 18:59:18

We have one which seems very sturdy (ds3 slides over the seat without it tipping), dh put it together, if it was me it'd probably be still in bits.

CharCharGaboriaInExcelsisDeo Mon 29-Dec-08 19:52:14

Right thanks, I'll get dp to give it a bash tomorrow then. It doesn't tip or anything, just wiggles round a bit. Hopefully that's all it'll need smile

nicolamumof3 Mon 29-Dec-08 19:54:52

we had one for ds2 first xmas first he was three yesterday and its been a great toy, he has played with it everyday the last two years. and now ds3 is nearly big enough for it too! so it must be v.sturdy to put up with all the bashes and knocks and whizzes along the hallway!

BarbaraWoodlouse Mon 29-Dec-08 19:56:23

Well if it helps DD got a toddle truck from the ELC last Christmas and IIRC the blardy wheel caps were a nightmare and took ages to get right on. They would go on, but not quite straight and then the wheels were indeed a bit wobbly.

I think that the successful technique involved a hammer, lots of trial and error and some non-festive swearing smile

Flihgtattendant Mon 29-Dec-08 19:56:50

Yes further bashings prob required.

Only thing to watch - when I gave it to ds initially, he kept pushing the back end of the trailer down, so it was flat on the floor, which made the connector rod fly up in the air and hit him on the nose. He did this about 3 times on separate occasions before I took the trailer away. sad

Is ok now though...

CharCharGaboriaInExcelsisDeo Mon 29-Dec-08 20:17:53

Thanks! Those wheel caps are a nightmare indeed, I nearly through them at my mother! Gave it to her to do in the end and she got it in one try angry They do look a little wonky, that's probably the problem then. Will get DP to give them a bash tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up flight, DD hasn't done that yet but I'll keep an eye out for it.

Fizzylemonade Mon 29-Dec-08 21:32:06

Yes you need to give them a fair old whack, I put ds2's together almost 1 year ago. Those caps need to go on really tight.

They are fab little trikes though, sturdy and very robust. Agree about them wacking themselves in the face with the trailer but they soon learn grin

CharCharGaboriaInExcelsisDeo Mon 29-Dec-08 23:56:54

Ta FL. Why do they make them so hard to get on? I struggled soooo much! It is really cute though, I battled with my mum to buy the multicoloured one instead of the pink and it's lovely. DD loves it too! smile

Baisey Fri 08-May-09 10:03:50

Sorry I know this is an old thread but for what its worth, nearly 10 years of building display models...
my advice for anyone building them. Whack them very hard with a hammer. Several times. Then once more for good measure. Once its is built try it out yourself, zoom up and down room several times if you dont end up in a heap of broken wood its good to go.

cleoowen Wed 28-Aug-13 18:55:54

Anyone got a reduction code for this or similar or know where it might be in the sale?

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