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When did you move them to a forward facing car seat?

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fairimum Sun 28-Dec-08 13:48:17

DD is now 7.5months and weighs 19lb, she isn't that tall really and fits ok in her rear facing seat, legs just over the end and head not at the top - I know it is best to keep her this way as long as possible and hope I can, the problem we have is that is is broad across the shoulders, she hasn't been able to go in with a coat etc on for over a month, but now it is a struggle to get her in in just a t-shirt type top, she isn't a big baby just broad shoulders and they now don't really sit flat across the back of the seat - she is in a maxicosi cabrio so should still have ages to go in it yet - but she just cries when we put her in it (too the baby insert out at about 3/4months). We have the next stage seat a tobi but really don't want to move her too soon - what would you do??

really can't afford to buy another seat that can go either way (tobi was an xmas present from grandparents!) which would be a good solution!

SparklyGothKat Sun 28-Dec-08 13:50:36

my son is 15 months old and weigh 20lbs and still rearfaces, its safer. He is getting too big for his baby carrier now, and luckily a Mnetter is giving me her 'birth to 4' seat

ilovetochatupsanta Sun 28-Dec-08 14:02:44

just moved dd at 17 months but she only just weighs 19lb 7oz, couldn't wait any longer as her legs were round her chin and she hated facing backwards.

fairimum Sun 28-Dec-08 14:09:23

good good - just wanted to know I was doing the right thing! wonder if SIL's M&P rear facing seat is any wider!

SnowOfHands Sun 28-Dec-08 14:13:49

You're definitely doing the right thing. As long as possible really.

We had to move dd at 9 months as she weighed about 29lb and was very tall. Her head was creeping over the top and it just wasn't safe.

littletownofmeglethem Sun 28-Dec-08 21:10:52

DS was pretty big and was moved to a forward facing at 9 months. Mothercare were very stern with us when we went up there when he was younger and they wouldn't let us get the bigger seat until he well and truly needed it.

Ashantai Sun 28-Dec-08 21:19:57

I had a woman come in a few weeks ago with a 6 month old who wanted to move her baby forward facing. I told her it was far too soon, but she was adamant that her baby was too big for his carrier, and that he was very forward for his age... hmm

She told me i couldnt stop her from buying a forward facing carseat, and quite frankly she was right. I finally persuaded her to buy a britax first class which she could use rearward facing and tried it out in her car.

I saw that she took no interest in me showing her how to fit it rear facing, and her face only lit up when i showed her how to fit it forward facing.

I'm sure she will fit it forward facing, regardless of all the into i told her, but clearly its more important for her baby to see out the window than be safe!!!

BabyTalk13 Mon 29-Dec-08 14:44:14

They say 9 months and aslong as they can hold themselves in a sitting position for atleast 30minutes otherwise theyd cause more damage to there back in an accident.
We moved my daughter just before 9 months as had carried on so long with her old one that she was just getting squashed (shes very tall for her age) we did wait until she was 20lbs though and shed been sitting very well for months.

Hersetta Mon 29-Dec-08 15:31:49

My tall DD moved out of her Britax cosytot premium at 15 months and only when her head began to peep over the top of seat. A lot of my other baby friends moved their DC's much earlier than i did when their children were considerably smaller than DD (who is on the 98th centile for height and 75th for weight). If I could have made her rear face for longer I would have - she was much more comfy (and safer) then. I can't quite understand people who rush to have their DC's forward facing.

arabicabean Mon 29-Dec-08 16:56:17

I've just bought my baby's next seat, a RF seat to 25kg (~4years). I had no intention of putting him FF immediately after his infant (0+) seat.

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