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Charity Wristbands

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Beetroot Sat 26-Mar-05 09:29:40

Message withdrawn

DelGirl Sat 26-Mar-05 09:34:57

Hi Beetroot . Do you mean, where can you buy? If so, I think you can get them in sport shops as my nephew was looking for one recently.

sunnyskies Sat 26-Mar-05 09:37:48

The bullying one we ordered of the bbc website - not sure where to get racism one, and we bought the poverty (white one) fromt he fairtrade stall at church

Beetroot Sat 26-Mar-05 09:40:33

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Sat 26-Mar-05 09:43:09

Message withdrawn

sunnyskies Sat 26-Mar-05 09:44:37

oops sorry didn't realise bbc had run out - was trying to be helpful

Beetroot Sat 26-Mar-05 09:55:05

Message withdrawn

SueW Sat 26-Mar-05 09:58:27

JJB had them in for a while. Do be careful though; I know one local boy had bought 15 for £1.50 each and flogged to his mates for between £3.50 and a fiver. Very enterprising but not really in the spirit of things

Beetroot Sat 26-Mar-05 10:03:37

Message withdrawn

Newbarnsleygirlsinsaneknickers Sat 26-Mar-05 11:07:25

Sports Soccer are selling the racism ones for £1.50.

Beetroot Sat 26-Mar-05 11:24:33

Message withdrawn

JanH Sat 26-Mar-05 11:24:44

DS2 got a detention for selling on Livestrong bands at school - relieved to hear yours have the same instincts, beety!

I was most cross because we had discussed it and I had told him it wasn't in the spirit. Anyway I made him donate his profit to charity.

Thing about buying them on ebay is that the charity has at least had the money (although not for the BBC ones, they didn't even charge postage for those, some people must have ordered dozens and made a killing and it's taxpayers' money, grrr) so if you can pick one up for a sensible price the seller hasn't made v much out of it and it has saved you a lot of trudging.

They are hard to get hold of though. JJB would generally only let one person buy one of the anti-racism bands at a time when they have them in, which isn't often. (Having said that I just looked on ebay and some people are selling them by the 100 )

Beetroot Sat 26-Mar-05 11:27:38

Message withdrawn

JanH Sat 26-Mar-05 11:28:55

Previous wristband threads:

Cystic Fibrosis bands
inc link to tsunami relief site

And you can buy Make Poverty History bands in Oxfam shops (not silicon ones usually, they are white fabric with black lettering)

Beetroot Sat 26-Mar-05 11:36:08

Message withdrawn

redsky Sat 26-Mar-05 12:31:40

Ds came home from school wearing one - now wondering if he bought it off someone else there and not directly from a charity . Must investigate!!!

NomDePlume Sat 26-Mar-05 12:38:53

DS1 bought some from a local giftshop, Livestrong & the bullying one. In fact he bought about 5 different ones including one for our Troops (a camouflage one), one for Autism (can't remember the colour), and one for testicular cancer.

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