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Bathroom Suggestions Needed

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Earlybird Sat 26-Mar-05 08:19:04

I am thinking of updating our two bathrooms. Both are fairly small, windowless, and were installed by the developer of our block 10 years ago. So, while the bathrooms are not old/terrible, they are nicely bland, plain and basic. Both suites are white with brass coloured fittings. Tiles are white, floors are carpeted. I have handheld shower attachments, but not wall mounted.

I'd like the bathrooms to look good/be functional, but would also like a bit of charm and luxury without spending a fortune (which I don't have! ), but don't know what a reasonable budget is, or where to begin looking.

Would love to have suggestions regarding what you think makes a nice bathroom, including suggestions regarding flooring (definitely want to get rid of the carpets that are currently there), lighting, tiling, etc. Would also appreciate any tips from those who've been through it - things you're glad you did, things you wish you had done, things you wish you hadn't done....basically looking to learn from your positive and negative experiences!

noddyholder Sat 26-Mar-05 08:24:39

Is there any way of getting light in?If there is a wall between the bathroom and a room or hall with a window you could put in a fake window like a panel of frosted glass.Also why not make one a shower room this will make it seem bigger.We have just done our bathroom and it is lovely I shopped around for all the bits and used ebay The floor is very dark wood and the suite is white the wall tiles are very light stone colour and we have the walls painted in a caramel colour no blue or fishes!Finally we put in shutters last weekend as the lady across the road said she could see through the sandblasted glass!

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