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going abroad...need a portable high chair, 8 months old baby

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sasa15 Sat 26-Mar-05 07:52:22

thinking about buying one of those fabric that striped in the baby in any chair called sit-tight chair harness....or something like that....

any suggestion....?

are they good.....?

Cod Sat 26-Mar-05 07:53:38

Message withdrawn

Cod Sat 26-Mar-05 07:53:52

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Sat 26-Mar-05 08:17:02

It's a Tamsit and yes, they'll work fine but agree with Cod, baby is low in them. My friend has an ELC one that inflates a bit, think that would be better prob.

bensmum3 Sat 26-Mar-05 08:24:26

We have a handbag highchair and I used it a few times when ds was small, I agree with cod, we had to have him away from the table as it was usually about eye level, it was then difficult for him to feed himself. They are great if you cant face packing a bulky seat. I still have mine if you want to try it.

Caribbeanqueen Sat 26-Mar-05 08:24:50

We just got an inflatable one from Blooming Marvellous, dd older than that though - not sure of the age range.

WideWebWitch Sat 26-Mar-05 08:25:20

I've just had a quick google and I can't find the inflating one anyhere, sorry.

Caribbeanqueen Sat 26-Mar-05 08:28:59

Caribbeanqueen Sat 26-Mar-05 08:29:59

\link{\booster seat

Caribbeanqueen Sat 26-Mar-05 08:30:17

sorry, can't get link right!

Newbarnsleygirlsinsaneknickers Sat 26-Mar-05 09:00:47

Mothercare sell the inflatable ones for £30. Or Argos doa cheaper plastic one with a tray for £14.99. My mum and MIL have one of these each at there house for when we visit and they're a god send.

stitch Sat 26-Mar-05 10:33:02

get a harness, they all come with the attaxhment bits which you can attach to most chairs.
but, quite seriously, where in the world are you going that you need to take one with you? i think i have travelled a quite a bit with a baby in tow, and dont think have ever been in aplace where couldnt find a high chair.

bambino1 Sat 26-Mar-05 10:43:37

I got one that attaches to a table. I got it jojomamanbebe website. my little one loves it. She gets to sit at the table with everyone and try and grab everyones dinner plates!

sasa15 Sat 26-Mar-05 10:44:24

thanx girls you always know the best...just looked in ebay for inflatable.....

sasa15 Sat 26-Mar-05 13:04:25

stitch..I'm going to ITaly for long term....but I'm shipping ds highchair and need one because will stay few days at mother in law...and at my mum too...for few days...

sasa15 Sat 26-Mar-05 19:43:18

deal....dh just bought one inflatable from ebay for 10£ + 5£ postage


yummimummi Wed 30-Mar-05 11:07:27

Have you tried Totseat? It's pretty good, all adjustable and fits on any chair. Maddy prefers it to her normal highchair! I got mine from their website, but I believe you can get them at John Lewis.

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