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Car seats - is it worth waiting for the January sales?

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Lastyearsmodel Sat 20-Dec-08 19:11:12

DD needs a new car seat so DS can have hers. DH thinks we should wait for the sales, but I reckon car seats are the sort of essential that don't get reduced, unless new models are due out.

In your experience, do car seats get reduced in the sales?

ilovetochatupsanta Sat 20-Dec-08 19:12:27

normally just when new models come out. got ours from kiddisave lots cheaper.

misdee Sat 20-Dec-08 19:12:47

some manufatcurers are relaeasing new colours in the new year so yes some will be reduced.

but boots,com have 20% off already. but tend to do a big sale i nthe newy ear co c9uld be even more off then.

Lastyearsmodel Sat 20-Dec-08 19:24:21

You're right, I thought Kiddicare would be the cheapest as they always have been in the past but Boots 20% off brings it in even lower.

Think we're going for the Britax Evolva 123. Got a bit confused comparing all the different colours and old/new models but that might have more to do with the large gin and cranberry keeping me company. grin

misdee Sat 20-Dec-08 19:31:14

make sure you have a boots card. the points make it even better.

Lizzzombie Sat 20-Dec-08 19:33:40

Mothercare have reductions already.

The only thing I don't like about the evolva is that is doesn't recline properly. You can either fit it in a reclined position (it comes with a sort of step contraption for this purpose) and have it constantly in that position, or fit it up right. It depends on how old your LO is, but I'd consider that point if they are still little.

Lastyearsmodel Sat 20-Dec-08 19:46:26

Lizzzombie - that's been the big factor in choosing a new seat. We've given it lots of thought, and DD is 2.5 and doesn't fall asleep very often in the car any more. I think we'd install it in the reclined position and the newer Evolva seems to have a bit more head support.

It's either the Evolva or buying another 9m - 4y seat that would last us about 18 months til we were into boosters.

naomi83 Sun 21-Dec-08 11:36:50

we love the evola 123, its a fab car seat! my 2 year old is a big boy, and its a relief knowing we can keep him in such a safe sat for such a long time

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