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iTeddy - What should i do.............

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brainache Thu 18-Dec-08 22:16:14


My Ex bought my DD a iTeddy for Christmas last year. She was 2.7 then so i put it in the cupbord as i though she was to young for it and as he is a really nasty person (to put it nicely) i didnt want her walking about playing with this teddy that he bought.

I have just remembered about it and got it back out the cupbord....i dont know what to do with it.....Should i sell it - yeah i know im cutting it fine for Christmas. Or should i let her have it????
It does look good but i cant get it out of my head that HE got it for her.
My DD is now 3.7yrs and she sits on my computer and plays games/watches vids etc on NickJr/Cortoonito/CBeebies. My mum has bought her that VSmile TV Learning System console........Does she really need this also???

I cant help feeling mean, like im denying her what could be 'the best toy ever' The Reviews on it say either excellent or terrible, no inbetween just one or the other. One that said its excellent said their kids have had it for 2yrs, 1 ladys just bought it for her 4yr 6yr & 8yr.........Or on the other side there are lots who says the bats run out fast/downloading is terrible/screen & buttons are bad etc.............God i have no idea what to do

All opinions welcome............

thisisyesterday Thu 18-Dec-08 22:18:52

i would sell it

brainache Thu 18-Dec-08 23:17:05

Well still undesided but have put it on ebay - so we'll see what happens. There are loads on there though.

Oh well

Mumto2littleangels Fri 19-Dec-08 09:51:32

They still sell them in the shops though. Could you not take it back and say it is a duplicate but no reciept and you can exchange it for something else????

brainache Fri 19-Dec-08 12:05:34

I dont know where he bought it from though. I myself do not have any contact with him but even if i asked him via someone else he would go crazy sad

Good idea though. Mind you the box is slightly broken and was like that when she got it so he prob didnt buy it from a shop.

Well lets see what happens on Ebay - Does anyone on here want it hehe

Spring831 Sun 28-Dec-08 11:32:25

I think its a bit childish not to give your DD this cool toy just because her father bought it for her, just because you don't get on with him. My partner has children from a previous marriage we buy his DD presents and his ex wife smashes them up and doesn't give them to her just beause HE bought them. This really upsets us as we spend our hard earned money on these gifts. I think you should allow your DD to have this amazing gift she'll have loads of fun with it. You be annoyed if your DD father did'nt buy her any gifts at all. Plus what is the point of him buying her anying thing if your not gonna allow your DD to have/play with them. We now put money away into a bank account for my partners DD every birthday and xmas so that when she is the right age to understand we can give her the bank account and explain we never missed her, that it was her mother stopping us buying and giving her gifts so we did this instead.

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