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filo - fax

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fairydust Wed 23-Mar-05 17:56:24

Anyone know any we're online that sells filo - fax's went into WHSMITH today and they we're £15 eact dont really want to send that much.

starlover Wed 23-Mar-05 18:15:54

to be honest I don't think you'll get a real filofax for a great deal less than that... might be able to find a cheaper one of a different brand though.

I got one in Staples quite cheap but it broke

This place has has some here

just scroll down the page...

happymerryberries Wed 23-Mar-05 18:16:32

They always were quite expensive, and the bits that go into them

toddlermum Wed 23-Mar-05 18:28:55

Try ebay - I bought one off there - it was pricey but I wanted a particular one - there are loads of them on there. Good Luck

fairydust Wed 23-Mar-05 22:11:14


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