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what type of buggy board for britax buggy (like this)

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kid Wed 23-Mar-05 17:20:48

this style of buggy.

jennifersofia Wed 23-Mar-05 19:58:37

Ooh, tricky. I had a graco citisport which had a basket underneath that stuck out like this one, but we still managed to get the old style (with non-extendable metal arms) BB on it, and child's head went inside the handle, IYSWIM. I can't tell from the picture if a child could fit inside the handle of the Britax. You might want to go for one of the ones with the extendable arms just to make sure. Of course the trouble there is that if it is too far away from the body of the buggy you end up kicking it with your feet...(Sorry, this isn't very helpful to you!). The company Cheeky Rascals sell them and their customer support are very helpful. They might be able to tell you if it will fit on the Britax.

kid Thu 24-Mar-05 20:47:35

I wondered if it would be a buggy board or a kiddy board. (the buggy board is fitted by 2 metal arms at the side, the kiddy board is fitted by the middle section at the bottom of the buggy).

Might be best to take the buggy to a shop that sells them and try it out first.

swiperfox Thu 24-Mar-05 20:52:18

Check out the Litaf website. I had a 'seat2go' and they fit ANY type of buggy or pram so assume their other boards would too

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