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Oh my god...

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lunavix Wed 23-Mar-05 16:08:15

At monkey music with ds and saw a lady put her two kids in a pushchair, couldn't see the second child - it was a phil and ted (I spose you'd call it a tandem but it wasn't really!) and the other seat was UNDER THE PUSHCHAIR!!!!

I'm probably the last person on the planet to see one but I'm truly shocked! Granted, it made it a nice small (smaller than most tandems anyways) pushchair but the poor second child would see nothing!

Yorkiegirl Wed 23-Mar-05 16:09:02

Message withdrawn

lunavix Wed 23-Mar-05 16:09:45


Dear god

nutcracker Wed 23-Mar-05 16:10:24

Have to LOL that you didn't know they exsisted, but i don't actually like them either (, a pushchair that nutty doesn't like ), for the same reason as you.

lunavix Wed 23-Mar-05 16:11:32

I feel so out of the loop...

But I spose having only the one child could do it

Finger most definately not on the pulse!!

Branster Wed 23-Mar-05 16:17:33

Yeah, it's the latest craze. Saw one a couple of weeks ago. they're fab!

lockets Wed 23-Mar-05 16:20:35

Message withdrawn

bundle Wed 23-Mar-05 16:21:46

i thought that too, when i saw one

lunavix Wed 23-Mar-05 16:23:02

Surely all the underneath child can see is on almost floor level either side? SO walking down a road all they can see is car tyres?

lockets Wed 23-Mar-05 16:26:20

Message withdrawn

dyzzidi Wed 23-Mar-05 16:41:35

is there a link to see one of these i am intrigued

lockets Wed 23-Mar-05 16:42:52

Message withdrawn

BearintheBigBlueHouse Wed 23-Mar-05 16:44:11

ooh but you're agitated about this aren't you .

The child in the back sees loads (as much as it would in any other tandem) and is protected from wind. And YOU get a much better view of the child in the back than you would if they were in a "regular" pushchair. And they're dead manouvreable and they go through narrow doors (unlike side by sides). And the P&T people are really good about after sales service even though they're in NZ, and, and, and...

don't get me started.........

lockets Wed 23-Mar-05 16:45:22

Message withdrawn

sparklymieow Wed 23-Mar-05 16:45:33

Misdee has one and people are very imterested in it when we go out, many people have a heartattack when we pull out a newborn from underneath. Its a bit of a strange buggy IMO, but Misdee loves it!!

PuffTheMagicDragon Wed 23-Mar-05 16:47:01

That's clever - I didn't see these when I bought my double buggy, I might have gone for one. Bet they're pricey.

Bagpuss30 Wed 23-Mar-05 16:54:11

LOL, Bear is right . I am getting my second seat soon and (rather embarassingly) I'm quite excited.

PuffTheMagicDragon Wed 23-Mar-05 16:59:13

How long have they been available for ?(trying not to get too grumpy about not having had one ). If they weren't available in June 2003 then I don't have to be grumpy.

lockets Wed 23-Mar-05 17:00:28

Message withdrawn

Bagpuss30 Wed 23-Mar-05 17:01:18

They were probably available then Puff, but only just, so don't worry .

PuffTheMagicDragon Wed 23-Mar-05 17:04:53

I genuinely think they are such a brilliant, brilliant idea. How much are they just out of interest?

lockets Wed 23-Mar-05 17:07:40

Message withdrawn

suedonim Wed 23-Mar-05 17:14:55

That's something like an old Silver cross design - the Wayfarer? - but their extra seat was in front. It's kinda cute but doesn't the baby get wet/dirty being pushed around in snow/rain/dogsh*t, with it all splashing up? Does the extra seat bash against your legs and do you have to have your arms stretched right out to reach the handle? I remember a friend had a German pram with the brake across the wheeels nearest you and I had huge bruises from continually hitting my ankles on it - talk about bad design!

BearintheBigBlueHouse Wed 23-Mar-05 17:17:09

no and no - works a treat

piximon Wed 23-Mar-05 21:53:29

I love mine. Just wish I'd bought one sooner and saved buying my other buggies. Have noticed a few around recently especially at London Zoo the other day.

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