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Tumble driers - help

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PiccadillyCircus Tue 22-Mar-05 19:42:22

We've decided to get a tumble drier and we need to get a condensor one.

Help - there are so many of them.

What sort of load size is best?
Anyone got any they can recommend?
Don't want to spend too much but equally don't want something useless.

All suggestions gratefully received .

bluebear Tue 22-Mar-05 20:07:22

We bought a hotpoint aquarius one a couple of months ago - was quite cheap and was recommended by a few people (try a search there was a thread recently).
We've had no problems with it, but then we've not had it long

munz Tue 22-Mar-05 20:11:29

I've got an old hotpoint one, it cost £50.00 (18 months ago)it's about 8 years old but as it's only in the shed I don't care, we;ve more than had our use out of it. when we have it in the house as long as a window's open near it I don't see it causing too mcuh problem.

vicdubya Tue 22-Mar-05 20:16:51

I've got a Creda condensair - it's fab.

Have no idea how much it cost, have had it for about 6-7 years.

It's still going strong, although now I've said that it will probably break tomorrow

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