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Any ideas for a wedding present please, for a couple who already have everything.

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bensmum3 Tue 22-Mar-05 13:01:45

This wedding is starting to take over my life, I'm now wondering what to buy my brother in law and fiancee for a wedding present, can't afford a huge amount of money , any ideas please ?

tribpot Tue 22-Mar-05 13:04:13

It's been mentioned on other threads, but if they really have everything, why not buy them a gift that can benefit other people? My wedding list was at Good Gifts , I was very happy with my multitude of bikes for midwives

nailpolish Tue 22-Mar-05 13:04:32

dont they have a wedding list? i always buy a picture frame if stuck

zubb Tue 22-Mar-05 13:05:20

bottle of champagne?

Mum2Ela Tue 22-Mar-05 13:08:39

Could you buy a nice folder / other storage container and buy all the newspapers and also the no 1 single and album, from the day they get married? Something they could keep and look back at, and prob no-one else will buy for them?

QueenEagle Tue 22-Mar-05 13:11:40

We have done this a couple of times, don't know if you'd be interested?

DH has good quality digital camera, he took loads of photos at the wedding (don't be afraid to stand right next to the official photographer). Made a feeble excuse then went home as soon as was able to, downloaded the pics onto his computer, printed about 30 of the best on good quality phto paper. Inserted them in really nice (pre-bought) wedding album, legged it back to the reception. Presented it to the bride and groom, insisted they opened it there and then. B & G absolutely gobsmacked and delighted to have an instant album of their special day. It was the talk of the evening as it was handed round between all the guests at the evening do.

nailpolish Tue 22-Mar-05 13:12:49

QE thats a great idea - someone did that for me, put one in a frame and the rest in an album and i was so delighted

Sorrel Tue 22-Mar-05 13:15:06

I recently bought a couple of tickets for a show as a wedding present.I found out where the happy couple were going on honeymoon and bought the tickets online for a musical evening in the town they were staying in Sicily. had a note to say it was the most memorable present they recieved. have also bought vouchers for a restaurant when a lovely friend did the same for us as a wedding pressie. it was really nice to have the meal to look forward too and we used the vouchers on our 1st wedding anniversary.

HandbagAddiction Tue 22-Mar-05 13:23:14

Someone bought us a lovely small watercolour painting of the church where we got married. I thought it was really pretty and a lovely original idea.

slug Tue 22-Mar-05 15:19:47

We were given 2 bottles of wine especially chosen to be drunk on our 5th wedding anniversary.

anorak Tue 22-Mar-05 15:22:20

Cross-stitch wedding sampler.

Or go to a local 'paint your own pottery' type store and make a commemerative piece for them.

gingerbear Tue 22-Mar-05 15:27:13

The most useful wedding pressy we had was a really long 3 section aluminium ladder!!
Compost bin?

anorak Tue 22-Mar-05 15:34:36

gingerbear, you old romantic you...

gingerbear Tue 22-Mar-05 16:03:04

It was delivered wrapped in lots of red ribbons though!!
Romantic enough for me.

Dahlia Tue 22-Mar-05 16:06:19

We bought someone two big rosebushes once - they were called 'congratulations' and 'honeymoon' or something like that. The couple in question had a garden so they were really chuffed, and it was something they could look at and enjoy every summer.

decmum Tue 22-Mar-05 16:16:35

Not sure how much they are now but we bought a friend who had everything a personalised monopoly fill in all the details on the website and they send you the for example Old Kent Rd becomes the name of the bar where they met or the street they live on or whatever...people keep those sorts of things for life.

This is the site

csa Tue 22-Mar-05 16:42:47

just did the personalised monopoly thing for parents-in-law wedding anniversary. it's £95 + £5 delivery

bensmum3 Tue 22-Mar-05 19:57:50

I really like tribpot's idea, what a wonderful site! Only problem is dh just laughed and said No, a wedding present has to be something they can keep. I've nothing against 2nd marriages but this is BIl's 2nd and like I said they are well off and have everything, how can I persuade dh that buying a bike for a midwife is a much better wedding gift than a gift voucher, or am I wrong ?

acnebride Tue 22-Mar-05 20:00:24

If dh is so sure about what presents should be then why isn't he buying it?? tell him he has 24 hours to sort it himself or the midwife gets it

milward Tue 22-Mar-05 20:23:44

A tree if they have a garden - they could see it grow year after year - very romantic

bensmum3 Tue 22-Mar-05 20:40:39

Oh, if only it was that easy, he would just get a gift voucher if I let him, I'm not sure if they have a garden, they've just moved house.

Niddlynono Tue 22-Mar-05 20:42:47

My brother's getting married this year and I'm going to buy vouchers for a posh boutique hotel.

morningpaper Tue 22-Mar-05 20:44:16

My bro and sister in law had a fairly unconventional wedding. I bought them a posh scrapbook, and started it off by putting in their wedding invite, some pics of them together and 'scrap-booking it' with their names and pretty bits and pieces. Then they could 'finish it off' with pics and souvenirs from their wedding and honeymoon. They did - and showed me the results a couple of months later. A Wedding Scrapbook - it worked out really well.

anchovies Tue 22-Mar-05 20:46:43

Queen eagles photo idea is fantastic, somebody did it for me and I couldn't stop crying it was so lovely! I looked at them continuously for about 2 weeks!

SofiaAmes Wed 23-Mar-05 00:36:37

The present that I asked for but never got for my first wedding was a good quality dictionary and thesaurus (proper thick hardback ones)'s the kind of thing that you never think of to buy for yourself, but which is always useful.

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