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Buggy, Pram which is best?

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MaggieW Sat 15-Mar-03 18:06:36

No 2 is due in a couple of months when No 1 will be 20 months old. He's walking but not yet big/strong enough for a buggy board. Can anyone advise me on what they've done re transport for two? Are there side by side double buggies which fold completely flat on one side for the baby as I really liked having the flat pram for No 1. Unfortunately it was on loan and now occupied so don't have it for this time around.

susanmt Sat 15-Mar-03 20:26:52

I think there are, but I borrowed a side by side double buggy and gave it back the next day as there was no way I could get through doors etc, it was a total pain. To begin with I carried new ds in a sling and pushed dd (2 just a few days after ds was born) in the buggy. Then I moved to having a variety of options - she now walks a good bit (3y1m) uses a buggy board, or she goes in the buggy and I carry ds in a backpack, if it is a long way, as I find it easier to carry one and push one than to push 2!
All the best in finding the option that suits you best. If you do go for carrying options, then make sure you get a good quality sling/backpack (can especially recommend a bushbaby backpack) as you have to look after your back. HTH

SofiaAmes Sat 15-Mar-03 23:30:52

I too borrowed a double side by side buggy from my childminder and gave it back after a day. i too hated it! Like susanmt I either carry dd (5 mo.) in a sling and push ds (27 mo.) in his buggy. Or push dd in her buggy and let ds walk.

KMG Sun 16-Mar-03 15:22:25

I have 22 months between mine too, and used a side-by-side double buggy - a Maclaren - was called Duette, but it was nearly 4 yrs ago. It was an umbrella fold buggy, very lightweight, and folded up very small, very easily manoeuvred too, and both sides reclined independently to fully flat. It was hard work, but then all the options are. I had back problems and for me pushing a double buggy was better/easier than carrying one of the boys. Also as I don't drive, we walk a lot, often long distances. DS1 was big and heavy, so it spurred us on to encourage him to walk as much as poss.

monkey Sun 16-Mar-03 15:29:05

Hi MaggieW. I had my ds2 when ds1 was 17 months. I absolutely couldn't have considered lugging ds2 round in a sling/backpack the whole time. I also think that 20 months is still too small to be ejected from a pushchair, after all, he will get tired very easily, and the aggravation of him refusing to walk etc will just be imo an unnecessary stress for both of you.

For me anyway, a double was the only option. A side-by-side, for me, was also too much aggro - all those doors, pavements, isles etc that would be inaccessible... I got a 3 wheeler that could be used as a single and also convert to a double & back again. I got it off the internet from NZ, maybe now it can be bought in uk dunno. I really like it, although it does have disadvantages too. Unlike the tandems (I also have one of these!) it is extremely light and easy to push. I don't think you could comfortably go on a long hike with a tandem. otoh, a tandem is reasonably cheap, easily available & the back seat can lie completely flat for the new born. After 4 pushchairs, I can confirm that there is no such thing as a perfect pushchair.

Hope this was of some help.

kaz33 Sun 16-Mar-03 20:24:43

I also have the kiwi explorer from NZ - recently imported. It is not avaliable in the UK . The only other option would be a bertini or emmalungja with toddler seat.

I know there are double prams which fold flat but have no experience

willum Tue 18-Mar-03 12:28:51

Monkey, Like Kaz33 I recently got a kiwi explorer from the internet. Having tried it out and read the instructions etc. I have one query, did you find the fact that you can't have a child in the back seat, unless there is a child in the front seat a problem? I have visions of the younger child being asleep in the back seat and then the older child wanting to get out to walk/play at park/have a wee etc. and so having to disturb the younger one to move them to the front!

monkey Wed 19-Mar-03 06:22:03

This was basically my problem with it, yes, and the main disadvantage, but in my case - not just with the front seat empty.! Although there is18 months between my 2, they are, and have been since very early on, the same weight, plus, the older one has always preferred the 'bottom bunk'. and the younger the 'top bunk'. I was always worried about it falling, especially if eg mil was pushing and wasn't so careful/aware. That's why, in the end I got a tandem - no probs with stability but so unbelievably heavy to push in comparison. I leave the Kiwi permanently ready for action in the garage, and use it if I'm ever walking anywhere, and the tandem jsut for other people to use, or in the car for day trips. Gives dh something to moan about too.

Anyway, to cut a hugely long story short, I contacted them for advice and they suggested strapping a weight to the front plate. I now have a bum bag stuffed with sand & stones clipped onto the foot rest. Not very attractive! Luckily at the moment it's winter so I have a foot muff which covers it up. Maybe ds 2 will have to sweat it out all summer just for my vanity! It is highly effective though, and even over age 3, ds 1 can sit it bottom bunk with ds 2 out & walking with just a bit of extra caution. hth If your 'bottom bunk' occupant is still small young & light, I'd say plonking all your bags on the top seat would probably suffice if you don't go the bum bag route. Oh, & if you have any ideas for a more attractive & discreet counterbalance in time for the warm weather, I'd love to hear it!

willum Wed 19-Mar-03 12:27:18

I don't have baby two yet so its all theory, but I was thinking that I would put the back pack and clips that they provide down to the footplate and load it up. Same idea as you realy but with their matching bag - if they did not provide them when you got yours maybe they recently started to as their way of correcting the problem. There is no way that dh would alow me another pushchair as this is number 4!. Number two did break so technically it's only three, but I don't think that will change his mind. He thinks I'm pushchair obsessed, but the fact is that none of them are up to all situations. You're right the is no such thing as a perfect pushchair!!!

kaz33 Wed 19-Mar-03 16:20:16

How about one of those strap on weights that you can buy for weight lifting? I'll add that to my shopping list - buying a special cushion for DS on Saturday so that he can sit up higher in his new pushchair.

Monkey - did you use the Explorer when your second was a newborn? Did you have any problems - I have visions of him falling out when I bump the pram up stairs.. Again theoretical as newborn yet to arrive.

Willum - does your firstborn like it ? Interested to know if you're happy with it after all our deliberations on other thread.

monkey Wed 19-Mar-03 17:20:45

Well, I think I answered my own question after all - I started a thread earlier because actually it's starting to become an issue for us that ds1 doesn't want to walk, so I think I'll be removing his bottom bunk & crossing my fingers!

Willum - I think you must be my twin. We've had 4 pushchairs too oh my gosh, no 5!!! (2 have broken, both were bought for us) so I don't feel too bad. I'm rather hoping for twins to give me an excuse to get another! I'm interested in the clips you mentioned. They definitely have introduced these fairly recently. Can you describe them for me? What is the bag like? I suppose it would be a bit of an indulgence to pay for the shipping all the way from NZ for a matching bag for a pushchair that's 2.5 years old!

Kaz33 - yes, I did use the pushchair with the new born attachment. It in itself was absolutely fine. DS fell asleep every single time the minute we put him in, so he was clearly very happy. The only thing was people's reactions - sometimes funny - eg they could hear a new born cry but only see the toddler who was obviously not crying and get confused. Usually they didn't see him tucked away, but then would make an enormous fuss when they did. The pushchair in both newborn and double can attract a large amount of embarassing interest! Also I was in France one day and a couple of women were discussing it. They clrealy didn't approve. I could understand every word they said as they slagged off my beloved pushchair, but didn't speak enought French to do myself justice, so just simmered over it for about, well a month really. Anyway, it was fine for baby, but not much past 3 months, but the bottom bunk is so comfortably reclined it was fine to switch at that stage.

willum Wed 19-Mar-03 18:49:52

Monkey, the backpac has two d-rings at the top of it and on the pushchair handle bar there are two short straps with clips at the end which attach to the d-rings to allow you to hang the bag either at the top of the handle bar or you lower the straps down the handle bar so the bag sits over the footplate. I'm finding them very usefull as I can just cart everything round in the already aattached bag. Maybe they would cut you some deal if you spoke to them.

Kaz33, ds loves it, he only has to be in it a very short time and he falls fast asleep. Which is fantastic because at the moment he seems to be getting all his teeth at once! I'm planning on puting a review on the other thread, I got it on Thusday so was giving myself a week to try it out. Not sure why the big difference but the post office only asked for £13.60.

kaz33 Wed 19-Mar-03 21:15:43

Ah well I think I might have got done - thinking about it afterwards are prams actually VATed. I know that goods for children are normally exempt - clothes, shoes etc... Maybe prams are too.

Probably won't take it up with the post office as life is to short. However, glad to hear you didn't have to pay as much.

Glad your DS likes it, look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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