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to those of you who have installed new kitchens - what would you do differently next time?

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jasper Mon 21-Mar-05 21:17:15

Are there any decisions you regret - either things you left out and wish you had included, things you included but wish you had not, materials you would not use again etc.

Merlin Mon 21-Mar-05 21:18:28

Don't have a stainless steel splashback - nightmare to keep looking really nice and clean! Gone for some nice tiles this time.

allatsea Mon 21-Mar-05 21:43:50

I would have put in a water softener and if money was no object (but obviously it was) a waste disposal unit. Would also have got all of the undercupboard lights wired up to one switch rather than lots.

pupuce Mon 21-Mar-05 21:46:20

Would not have a wooden kitchen top - it rots near the sink!
White or cream cupboards get dirty quickly with kids.

And from working in other women's kitchen I'd say i'd never go for granite kitchen tops as they are hard to keep spotless and they need to be to look good - also they darken a kitchen (if they are black)

jamiesam Mon 21-Mar-05 21:49:58

Underfloor heating under the tiled floor.

Solid 'shelves' to corner cupboard spinning thing! (Not attractive chrome 'wire' that things fall through)

kama Mon 21-Mar-05 21:53:22

Message withdrawn

80sMum Mon 21-Mar-05 21:59:29

I wouldn't have sited the fridge next to the oven (it has to work overtime whenever the oven's on) and I wouldn't have had a white sink (stains too easily and needs buckets of bleach to keep it clean).

CountessDracula Mon 21-Mar-05 22:03:33

Nothing, I love my new kitchen!

Even the black granite worktops (which you do have to buff after wiping or they look awful)

jamiesam Mon 21-Mar-05 22:05:47

Cold feet! Have one small row of tiles between kichen and pantry where hot water pipe to radiator runs under tiles. Mmmmm!

PuffTheMagicDragon Mon 21-Mar-05 22:09:21

Agree about the stainless steel splashback - needs constant daily cleaning to look decent.

jasper Mon 21-Mar-05 22:09:32

pupuce I was considering cream units with wooden or granite worktops

BearintheBigBlueHouse Mon 21-Mar-05 22:15:31

don't agree that black granite tops darken the kitchen - if they're under or near a window they reflect light into the kitchen, provided you keep them clean and buffed (which isn't that hard - Huggies Wipes work a treat and Lakeland do a spray for tougher stains). Looking directly out the window, I mostly see our neighbours' house, looking down at the granite I can see the clouds reflected. Cheesy but nice.

Agree re avoiding stainless anything where there are grubby/greasy mitts about.

Oh and don't be brow beaten by kitchen company into agreeing to a device of their choosing if there's an item you really want - I really really wish I had stood firm and got a frost free freezer. Can't get more than a fish finger into the b*gger now

moondog Mon 21-Mar-05 22:23:34

Slate worktops-too dark and hard to keep looking good.
Big double Belfast sink-too big
Wasting corner space-should have had a carousel thingy
But.....Aga was the best thing ever. moved now and miss it sooooooo much.

aloha Mon 21-Mar-05 22:45:37

Wish we'd planned our kitchen around a big table.

moondog Mon 21-Mar-05 22:47:32

Also want(ed) a rise and fall lamp over a big table. Seen a great one in v swanky catalogue for a company called 'The French House'. Costs about £170 though, so trying to justify imminent purchase..

Tinker Mon 21-Mar-05 23:02:05

Enough sockets. I have a double socket that is near teh skirting board and at the back of a cupboard that needs to be dismantled if you need to change fridge or washing machng

Would have underfloor heating as have no radiator.

No white sink, white worktops or cupboards.

This is a kitchen I inherited btw.

Jasper - haven't you been doing your kitchen for a while now?

pupuce Mon 21-Mar-05 23:04:05

LOL Jasper
Don't get me wrong I love my kitchen but can see where I made mistakes... though I don't regret it...
I would definitely NOT go for granite tops... but they are very fashionable.... several of my clients have them - some are happy others not too much so...

pupuce Mon 21-Mar-05 23:05:51

Moondog - Jasper's got an Aga already... lucky girl !!!!

CountessDracula Mon 21-Mar-05 23:20:54

Yes do leave room for a big table I agree.

Ours is 6ft x 4ft when small, 9ft by 4ft when extended and can seat 14+ and we do! It's fantastic!

Can't be doing with islands which take up valuable table space

polly28 Mon 21-Mar-05 23:24:48

Will be getting a new kitchen when building wirk is finiished in about 6 weeks.
Have planned granite worktop and stainless steel splashback behind cooker ,am I making a terrible mistake?

pupuce Mon 21-Mar-05 23:26:19

It will look good... but it might equal a lot of polishing on a daily basis !

polly28 Mon 21-Mar-05 23:32:15

Anyone had granite in other colour other than black,how about cream,will it stain?

Sorry can't resist talking about kitchens ,I dream about mine!

CountessDracula Mon 21-Mar-05 23:33:27

my last house had sort of grey and black and white and pink (revolting but we bought the house with it there) and it didn't stain.

However granite is the only thing that puts up with my sort of kitchen yobbery so granite it is, just black now!

polly28 Mon 21-Mar-05 23:34:50

even red wine?

CountessDracula Mon 21-Mar-05 23:35:19


The only thing you can't leave on it is a lemon once cut. Or any acid

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